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Top Places to Retire With Just $150k In Your Bank!




Retirement is all about settling into a life that is designed for your comfort and relaxation. Unfortunately, it has grown increasingly difficult to find a place to retire in the United States while still making enough to make ends meet. Due to this fact, potential retirees are planning ahead by looking for the most affordable and luxurious places to retire with under $150k in the bank. In today’s globetrotting conversation, we will take you to some of the most beautiful, affordable, and desirable retirement communities


If you are looking to retire far away from your home in the United States, Ireland is more than ready to welcome you. Ireland has become a haven for retirees thanks to the lower costs of living associated with the more rural areas in the country. Ireland benefits from highly qualified medical services, beautiful scenery, and a lower language barrier for retirees. In order to retire in the country, simply file for a “D” Vista.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an old country known for its beautiful castles and majestic architecture. The Czech Republic may not be the first place you consider when pondering an affordable retirement, but the opportunity is certainly there. You can find affordable apartments in Prague or more rural accommodations if you want to avoid city-living. If you want to just see the country for yourself, you won’t need a long-term visa for stays under 90 days.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina. Known primarily for its status in history, Charleston is still steeped in monuments of the past. An affordable place for Americans want to retire somewhere laid back, Charleston offers just enough to keep everyone happy. Charleston has a population of just 128,000 people, so there is plenty of room for you!


Would it shock you to learn that Ecuador has one of the most popular retirement communities for American expats? It’s true! Retirees in Ecuador typically flow one direction, from America. Ecuador has gorgeous natural surroundings as well as cities both large and small. If you want to retire in Ecuador, consider starting in the capital city of Quito. You can find an affordable one-bedroom in the middle of Quito for just $440 USD per month. Of course, we are more in love with the charming farm communities like Cuenca.


Croatia isn’t a single location for visitors to explore. Instead, Croatia comprises roughly 1,000 smaller islands. The country of Croatia makes for a spectacular vacation destination as well as a retirement community. Croatia does have cold winters, though their summers are hot and perfect for relaxing at the beach. Croatia has been called ‘The New Tuscany’ by publications like International Living. You can purchase a gorgeous home in Zagreb, the capital city, for under $110k, leaving you with plenty to set aside for the future.


France may not sound affordable, but that’s only because you aren’t thinking creatively. While most retirees want to settle down in the city, look to the more rural towns of France for peaceful and affordable living. For example, you can get a place on the border between Spain and France for just $500 per month. External expenses like eating out are priced favorably for retirees, as well.


Chile is a beautiful country known for its soaring mountains, warm weather, and gorgeous beaches. If you are looking for one of the more established places in South America to settle down in, Chile is a perfect place. For roughly $1k per month, you will be able to cover just about all of your basic expenses, including housing. Chile is becoming a popular retirement destination for more spirited middle-class retirees.


Are you dreaming of retiring near the ocean? Do you want to live somewhere that prioritizes relaxation above all else? While Jamaica may be out of left field, it certainly should be a place that you consider. Jamaica has beautiful weather, gorgeous greenery, and unforgettable beaches.  While Jamaica does lack many of the first world amenities that we’ve come to appreciate, you still can carve a great retirement out of the island.


Retiring in Italy can be just as enjoyable as you imagine. If you want a taste of the Old World, settling down somewhere near Basilicata could be your best bet. You can get a great home in a small village for only $32k or else you can grab a one-bedroom apartment in Matera for just $625/month. No matter where you want settle in Italy, look forward to sunny beaches, great seafood, and a low cost of living.


Slovenia has become a hotspot for travelers all over the globe. After all, how could you look at this image and NOT want to visit? Affordability is the name of the game in Slovenia with rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Ljubljana priced around $550 per month. You do have to pay for your own state-provided healthcare, though private insurance is an option. Showing an income of $1k per month will grant you permanent residency after five years.


For retirees who want to leave the United States behind, the country of Nicaragua is ready to welcome you with open arms. Nicaragua is routinely considered to be one of the best kept retirement secrets in the world. As a retirement destination for North Americans as well as Europeans, you are going to be welcomed by a thriving community of your colleagues. Nicaragua is one of the most affordable places to live thanks to their numerous tax benefits for foreigners.


Bolivia has been a destination for a long time due to their historic salt flats. As travelers flooded to the region, many of them chose to stay behind. Bolivia offers an affordable place to retire where you can still enjoy some of the modern and natural accommodations of other more well-known countries. Bolivia offers several great places for retirees to move to including the towns of Santa Cruz, Tarija, and La Paz.


Retiring in Spain is a dream of many people after they visit the beautiful place. If you want to retire in a place that is centralized with access to Europe, you may have found your spot. Cost of living in Spain can vary based on where you decide to settle down. For example, living in Barcelona will be considerably more expensive than the smaller town of Valencia.


Malaysia is renowned for its warm weather, affordable entertainment, and delicious food. What’s more, the Malaysian government has been embracing its status as a retirement community with additional English-speaking services being made available.  You can live in Kuala Lumpur for under $600/month while a spot on the island of Penang will only run you $225/month. Malaysia has a modern healthcare system, so you know that you will always be taken care of.

Cape Coral, Florida

Retiring in Florida certainly isn’t a novel idea, though heading to Cape Coral might be. Cape Coral is becoming one of the most popular retirement communities in the southern half of the United States. With almost 200,000 people bustling in the city, Cape Coral has plenty of optimism for the future. Cape Coral is located near the beach with access to some of the finest golf courses on the planet. If you want a big city where you can ‘live slow’, this is the place to go!


If you want to retire somewhere exotic, set your sights on Portugal. Portugal offers beautiful coastal living backed by gorgeous weather and borderline free healthcare. Portugal is sunny 3,000 hours per year, so you know that you will get to enjoy the great outdoors. Head to Algarve for a chance to live near the beach as well as a couple of amazing golf courses.


Thailand is a wonderful place to retire if you need to make your money last as long as possible. Retirement in Thailand is possible with monthly expenses averaging around $1,700 for expats. Chiang Mai offers modern living amenities as well as high-quality professional healthcare. We don’t have to tell you that the natural wonder that fills Thailand is worth checking out. Keep an eye out for temples during your travels!

Mesa, Arizona

If you want to stay inside the United States, consider turning to Mesa in Arizona for your retirement plans. Mesa is a moderately large city that is beholden to warm weather around the clock. Temperatures in the winter range from 40 to 70 while temperatures in the summer range between 70 and 100 degrees. Mesa is close to Phoenix, so there is always something to do.


Despite what you may have heard, Mexico is still a wonderful retirement destination. In order to avoid some of the headlines that you’ve heard on the news, set your sights on the Yucatán Peninsula. This is the safest region in Mexico for retirees and the Yucatán has definitely embraced its role. Not only will you find authentic destinations in the area, but expats will also enjoy seeing familiar businesses like Walmart and Starbucks in town. A one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Merida will cost you just $250 while affordable healthcare is just across the border in the United States.

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras al Khaimah is a surprising addition to our list due to its location in the UAE. While Ras Al Khaimah is far from the most popular emirate, the country is known for its stunning views, large city, and calmer way of life when compared to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Retiring in Ras Al Khaimah will give you big city living without the associated hustle and bustle that you’d expect in a traditional Western city. Make sure you take time to visit Jebel Jais while you are there!


Uruguay is one of the richer countries in South America, but it is still an affordable retirement destination. The second-largest city in Uruguay, Salto, costs roughly $800 month including housing, clothing, and your food budget. Healthcare in Uruguay is enormously affordable as well as the state’s insurance plan costs just $100 per month. Applying for a long-term visa isn’t hard so long as you can show your monthly income. 


If you want to settle into Latin America, Peru offers one of the most affordable avenues of access. Peru rates as more affordable when compared to the United States in the areas of food, living, and transportation. In order to get the most out of living in Peru, make sure that you enjoy the great outdoors. Peru offers temperate climate year-round with the Amazon jungle almost always in view. 


White sandy beaches and crystaline ocean water are only the beginning when it comes to the beauty of Belize. Belize offers beautiful living accommodations on the Placencia Peninsula for around $700/month.  Belize requires future residents to live in the country for 50 straight weeks before they can acquire their official residency status. Belize also has an income minimum of $24k per year.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is going to be the most affordable retirement location on our list for a long time to come. Costa Rica offers a politically stable environment where retirees can live in a safe and gorgeous environment. Coastal living is obviously suggested if you like beaches, wind off the sand, and waking up with the sea in the air. A great medical program backs Costa Rica’s spot on our list.


Panama offers modern living with affordable accommodations, thus allowing the region to grow as a retirement community. Living in Panama is slightly more expensive as a single bedroom in Panama City will cost you roughly $1k/month. However, you will be able to enjoy all of the modern accommodations that you are used to in a traditional Western city. To apply for the retirement program, simply show proof of income equaling $1k per month.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Another affordable and comfortable retirement location is Cedar Rapids in Iowa. Cedar Rapids offers affordable Midwestern living with hot summers and snow-filled winters. If you like seeing the full range of what Mother Nature has to offer, you’ll never want to leave! Cedar Rapids is steeped in history thanks to the age of the city.


When was the last time that you considered traveling to Vietnam? You probably haven’t, right? Despite its relatively low profile on the international stage, Vietnam continues to offer beautiful getaways and affordable retirement opportunities for everyone around the world. Beach towns are the calling card for foreign retirees with Nha Trang and Da Nang located atop the list. You’ll have to acquire a multi-entry visa if you choose to settle down here.


Malta has a shockingly large expatriate community thanks to its thriving business sector and affordable cost of living. If you were to settle down in Malta, you could find a one-bedroom apartment in the historic city of Qawra for just $450 per month. Renewable visa are available for pensioners as well as self-employed individuals. Once settled in Malta, you can begin the program toward earning your permanent residency.


Right now Australia is dealing with significant wildfires, so it is hard to completely suggest the country to potential retirees. With that being said, as soon as Australia gets through this national struggle, they’ll be back to one of the top countries in the world to retire in. Australia likes to fast track residency programs for wealthier individuals, otherwise, you can enjoy a high quality of life combined with a strong USD to AUS exchange rate.


Cambodia traditionally sits atop the list when it comes to Cost of Living as categorized by the Annual Global Retirement Index. Located in the heart of Asia, Cambodia is undergoing a full-scale economic revolution. Cambodia is enduring a 15+ year economic boom that is bringing tourism to the country from all over the planet. The temples of Angkor Wat may steal your heart, so why not settle into the Kingdom of Wonder? Cost of living can be as low as $1000/month while covering all of your core necessities.


At some point in time, you are going to have to pay if you want to enjoy the best retirement community. With that being said, Austria won’t charge you too much for what you receive. Austria ranks among the world leaders when it comes to Global Peace Index Ranking. Combining the peaceful and beautiful country with an easy visa application process and it is no wonder that travelers are turning up in droves. Considered the lesser-known ‘Swiss alternative’, Austria is perfect for retirees who want healthy exposure to wonderful outdoor activities.

The Philippines

The Philippines encompasses more than 7,000 islands. As a result, there is a perfect place to settle down just waiting for you. The Philippines draw visitors every year thanks to their beautiful beaches and tropical lifestyle. If you want to live like a King, you only need around $2,000/month to experience the best that expat living has to offer.  Residents can even live well on just $1,000/month if they are willing to forego certain luxury items like cable television.

Taipei, Taiwan

If you want to try something a little out of the ordinary for your retirement destination, consider circling Taiwan on the map. Taiwan has many affordable cities with booming ex-pat communities. One of the most revered retirement locations in Taiwan is the capital city of Taipei. Taipei is a booming city with a population of 2.6 million. Taipei is a livable city with a low cost of living when compared to the numerous luxuries that are on offer.

Bled, Slovenia

We’ve already talked about the country of Slovenia, so let’s narrow our focus a little more. Bled is a wonderful place for retirees to set their sites on. Despite its name, Bled is a remarkably pleasant place to live. Located on Lake Bled in northwestern Slovenia, retirees will enjoy Old World living with modern conveniences, capable healthcare, and soaring views in every single direction.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is located in the heart of Colombia. You’re probably familiar with the city on a general level, but did you know that its name means ‘City of Flowers’? Medellin has grown by leaps and bounds over the years with recent awards including, ‘The Most Innovative City in the World’ by the Wall Street Journal. There is a thriving community of ex-pats in Medellin with the majority being focused in El Poblado. Retiring in Colombia offers affordable healthcare and some of the best hospitals in all of Latin America.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Retiring in Vietnam can make a ton of sense if you love the great outdoors. The city of Da Lat offers temperate weather amidst soaring mountain peaks and beautiful pine forests. Rent for a studio apartment in town costs under $200 per month. With low utility bills and a thriving wine and food industry, there is a lot to like for people who want to relax.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you can get a hold of a retirement visa in Thailand, you had better set your sights on the dream city of Bangkok. Bangkok is one of the most popular destinations in all of Southern Asia due to its low cost of living, placement near an international airport, and its front-row seat to beautiful beaches and friendly locals.

Annecy, France

Do you dream of traveling throughout France? If you do, Annecy might be the town to call home. Annecy offers all of the beauty and culture that France’s more famous cities are known for without a fraction of the price. Located near enough to Paris, Annecy offers a little bit of everything to every style of a retiree.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo

Retiring overseas can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The city of Kota Kinabalu is located in Malaysian Borneo on the eastern coast of Malaysia. Kota Kinabalu has world-class medical care, a small and walkable city, and the lowest cost of living in the region. Expats revere Kota Kinabalu for being one of the most welcoming and laid back places in all of Asia.



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