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This Stunning Time Capsule Home Owned by a 96-Year-Old Will Blow You Away




Selling a home is never as simple as it appears, right? After all, you have to find the perfect buyer for your home at just the right time. For Joyce, a 96-year-old homeowner in Toronto, making the decision to sell her home was a momentous one. Joyce had lived at 148 Jane Street her entire adult life, ever since tying the knot with her late husband. While the story behind the property is beautiful, the inside of the home is jaw-dropping. Let’s take a walk through the time capsule home that captured the attention of a city!

What Is A Time Capsule Home

When we talk about time capsule homes, we are really discussing specialty themed homes. In Joyce’s scenario, she had chosen to preserve her home as it looked the day that she bought it, only making necessary upgrades to comply with modern code. While Joyce’s home is one of the more famous time capsule properties, it is far from the only one!

Wide World Of Themed Homes

As you can see, time capsule and themed homes aren’t exactly rare, but that doesn’t make them common either. This gorgeous home is mocked up after the books written by J.R.R. Tolkien, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’. Would you ever want to live in your own Hobbit home? We would!

Ready to Visit the Bat Cave?

Themed homes can range the gamut from old to new. This specialty home features a ‘Batman’ theme, as is pretty evident by all the memorabilia! While themed homes are amazing to look at and interesting to live in, they aren’t exactly easy to sell. So, when Joyce decided to sell her home, her realtors were skeptical of how well the process would go.

The Beginning of Our Story

As you can likely tell by now, our story starts in Toronto with a homeowner named Joyce. Joyce had moved into 148 Jane Street shortly after getting married more than 70 years ago! That’s right, Joyce had lived in the same home for seven consecutive decades! During that time, Joyce built a life with her husband, having many children and grandchildren and so on. After her husband’s passing, Joyce decided that it was time to move on from the home.

Welcome to the City of Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario and one of the most highly populated cities in the entire country. With more than 2.7 million people living in the city, there are constantly homes being bought and sold. While the housing market is booming, real estate can be hard to come by at an affordable price. So when Joyce decided to list her property, she knew that she’d have to fight for the right price.

The Adventurous Life of a Real Estate Agent

While it is entirely possible to sell your home without a realtor, a professional real estate agent can make one heck of a difference during the process. Real estate agents like Carla and Gladys Spizzirri have made a career out of helping individuals move their homes for a profit. With that being said, even experienced professionals like these two sisters had never found a home like Joyce’s!

Meet the Stars of Our Story

Carla and Gladys Spizzirri are the stars of our story. The two sisters had been working in real estate as a tandem team for years. While both sisters also work on their own, they decided to pool their resources in order to assist Joyce. Carla and Gladys knew that Joyce’s home was nestled in a beautiful neighborhood, so they were excited by the prospect of a sale before stepping foot in the property.

Toronto’s Booming Real Estate Market

Toronto is one of the biggest hotspots in all of Canada. As a result, Joyce and Gladys knew that they’d be able to help Joyce get the best price for her property. Right now, the average price for a home sold in Toronto is around $898k which represents nearly a 14% climb from last year’s numbers.

The Time Capsule Home

Now we finally get to set our eyes on the iconic property. 148 Jane Street is an old home, dating back nearly 100 years, built in a niche and growing neighborhood. When Joyce first moved into the home, she had no way of knowing how the city would grow in the ensuing 70 years. Fortunately, Joyce and her husband had struck gold with their investment!

The Iconic First Phone Call

Real estate agents like Gladys and Carla Spizzirri know that you can’t count your chickens until they hatch. The real estate market is fickle at times and homeowners aren’t exactly unknown for dropping their decision to sell. When Gladys first spoke with Joyce on the phone, she could tell right away that there were reasons for optimism. Joyce was looking to sell her home, but the 96-year-old property owner wasn’t in any kind of hurry.

Meet the Owner of 148 Jane Street

Speaking of Joyce, here is the iconic homeowner today. Joyce had moved into the property 70 years ago alongside her husband. Together, they had preserved the home to the best of their capabilities while retaining its original flare. At this point in time, Gladys and Carla had not stepped foot inside the property, so they weren’t sure what they would end up finding.

After Deliberation, Joyce Decides to Sell

Despite Joyce’s overt enthusiasm for selling the property, Gladys wasn’t exactly convinced. The realtors knew that they’d have to sit down with Joyce after looking at the home, so Joyce agreed to those terms. The two sides quickly scheduled an initial look at the home. Who knew what was waiting for Carla and Gladys? Well, Joyce did, of course.

Entering the Housing Market

Entering the housing market isn’t exactly a simple process. Well, it can be simple if you know what you are doing and don’t mind putting in the research. A real estate agent comes in handy for this portion of the experience. A realtor can help price your home by researching data that is available only to them. After performing their research, real estate agents can help you to machinate enthusiasm for the property via a variety of home selling techniques.

Scheduling the First Momentous Visit

Knowing that Joyce and Gladys would be able to offer years of experience to Joyce, the two sides decided to meet up at the home. Seeing the property in person was a huge moment for all parties involved. After all, this is the most common time for either party to get cold feet.

Joyce Inspires Carla and Gladys

Despite their enthusiasm for the location, Gladys and Carla were worried that the home would be broken down and decrepit inside. Gladys was particularly concerned after Joyce revealed that the home had largely been preserved throughout her possession of the property. Worrying about a home that was falling apart, Gladys and Carla drew confidence from Joyce. Joyce was clear about what she wanted, and she was confident that she could get it.

Entering the House for the First Time

Walking through the front door for the first time was a special moment for the entire group. When Gladys and Carla stepped into this beautiful foyer, all of their concerns seemingly vanished. It was easy to see even from this short glance that Joyce had treated her home with the utmost care.

Every Room Was Spotless

One running theme throughout the house was Joyce’s ferocious attention to detail. As it turns out, the 96-year-old homeowner had spent a good portion of her time decorating each home in the house. After decorating and installing a personal theme, Joyce would meticulously maintain each room in the building. We’ll get more into why this was so important to Joyce later on in our journey.

Dining Room Fit For a Queen

This stunning dining room is seemingly fit for royalty, and we could totally imagine settling down for a fancy meal. If you look closely, you’ll see that Joyce did not forget to turn over a single stone. From the carpet to the ceiling and everywhere in between, Joyce’s caring touch and eye for detail can be appreciated. Look at how even the table shines.

The Jaw-Dropping Purple Room Impresses

Even though Joyce had a restrained sense of style, she still knew when to let loose. Instead of using lavish decorations, Joyce instead turned to strong colors and matching furniture. This purple-themed room was particularly evocative as it immediately captured the eye of both Joyce and Carla. There is a lot to love about a homeowner who is willing to get a little crazy with their decorations.

Joyce Meticulously Maintained Every Room

Here is another darling room that Joyce had been particularly proud of. This kitchenette looks like the perfect place to start the day with a loving breakfast. We can practically see Joyce and her family as they settle in for a family meal. What do you think, do you like the pink theme? 

The Secret Behind Joyce’s Design Success

As Gladys and Carla walked through the home, they realized that taking care of the property was truly one of Joyce’s passions. Joyce would later tell the realtors that she had always wanted to be an interior designer as a kid. While Joyce hadn’t chased that career path, her husband had told Joyce that she could decorate every room that she sees fit — except for the basement.

One Room Is Different Than The Rest

Walking down the stairs to the basement would reveal something as touching as it was cool to look at. The room that belonged to Joyce’s husband had been decorated to his tastes and the differences were clear. After her husband passed away, Joyce decided to leave the room as he had left it to honor his memory.

A Home Brimming With Warm Memories

The longer Gladys and Carla looked at the home, the stronger their impression was that this property would be hard to sell. After all, Joyce had lived in the home for nearly a century! How could she walk away from such memories? Each room seemingly dripped nostalgia for Joyce and her now large and extended family.

A Beautiful Home to Relax In

Voicing their concerns for the first time, Carla and Gladys were overjoyed by Joyce’s response. Joyce revealed that she was finally ready to join her family in Florida. Without her husband in Toronto, Joyce realized that she didn’t have much reason to stay. Now was the perfect time for Joyce to cash in for her retirement. Gladys and Carla were buoyed by Joyce’s response and the rest of the process would match their enthusiasm.

Joyce Even Kept the Bathrooms in Great Shape

Here we can see that Joyce left no stone unturned. Despite the age of the home, Joyce had managed to keep even the bathrooms in perfect condition. Imagine the last modern bathroom you were in, did it look as elegant and classy as this? We doubt it. How would you like to live in a time capsule home such as this?

Taking in the Backyard

With the walkthrough nearly complete, Joyce and Gladys decided to step outside. Here we can see that Joyce’s efforts continued to the outdoors as her backyard was as carefully curated as every other inch of the home. Gladys and Carla were worried that the theme might restrict buyers, but the house was so beautiful that they were confident in a sale, regardless.

Concerns Linger Regarding the Home Inspection

Despite their own enthusiasm, all bets were off until the Jane Street property passed official inspection. With older homes like this, major problems could be hidden just out of sight. Fortunately, the home inspector found the home to be largely flawless. As it turned out, Joyce made key updates throughout the home to keep the property up-to-date while retaining its original personality.

Fortunately, Good News Arrives

With the home inspection behind them, Gladys and Carla were ready to put their market research to the test. After vigorously researching the area and taking into account the growth of the neighborhood, the Spizzirri sisters would end up settling on a sale price of $968k. The sisters knew that they could help Joyce to retire in comfort while making a little extra for her.

Gladys Posts the Listing Online

After nailing down their price, the Spizzirri sisters would upload their listing to the internet. As all interesting things tend to do, the listing quickly gained attention from buyers far and wide. In just a matter of moments, Joyce was already gaining traffic to her home by way of the digital highway. How cool was that? When Joyce first bought her home, even the idea of the internet was not in existence.

The Listing Quickly Goes Viral

As the home went viral, the Spizzirri sisters began to pull in potential buyers. Many of the potential buyers were looking to redo the entire home. Some of the other potential buyers loved the location but still wanted to keep the classic look to the property. The Spizzirri sisters were suddenly bringing in perfect buyers from every nook and corner of the country!

Soon Buyers Begin Lining Up

As the real estate deal began to process, things began to move quicker and quicker. Before too long, the Spizzirri sisters were having to introduce Joyce to genuine offers that were near her asking price. Soon, Joyce would be well on her way to becoming a millionaire. Talk about a stroke of good fortune!

Modern Amenities Make For a Quick Sale

Updated areas of the home such as this laundry room helped to make the sale an easy one. With few mitigating factors, the Spizzirri sisters were quick to get a buyer to sign on the dotted line. In seemingly the blink of an eye, Joyce was ready to move out of her old home forever to rejoin her family in Florida.

Making the Sale

As 148 Jane Street changed hands, Joyce and her realtors couldn’t help but take at the moment. This home had been a testament to the relationships that Joyce had built. Now, after an entire lifetime in the property, Joyce was ready to move on. There was something strangely beautiful about the sale. What do you think? How would you feel selling your old family home? What other amazing themed homes are out in the world?

Meet the Transparent House

While Joyce’s home may have brought you here, there are other incredible themed homes throughout the world. This home, pictured above, can be found in Japan. Known as the ‘Transparent House’, this incredible structure offers residents views in every direction. Can you imagine living in a place so wide open and creatively designed?

Not Your Typical Home

The entire home is built out of white structural steel.  The goal of the home, as stated by architect Sou Fujimoto, was to create something uniquely modern that felt like a remnant from the past. This white-steel home is inspired by wooden structures yet it is distinctly different. Sou Fujimoto’s philosophy is fascinating to read through, and we advise readers to pursue his work!

Look At This Stunning Garden

While the home was designed with minimalism in mind, there are a few elements that really bring it to another level. While Joyce rejoiced in the architecture of her youth, this home embraces traditional Japanese affinity for gardens and self sustainability. Can you imagine spending time on this rooftop garden? We’d love to plop down with a book!

Would You Live In This Loft

This high angle shows the way that Fujimoto engineered the home. Without any blinds or shutters, this open-framed home promises to bring light in at every angle. How would you feel about living in a home like this? The beautiful lighting is something to marvel at, though we would miss having our own privacy.

Another Angled View

The entire home covers roughly 914 square feet of living space, though it certainly doesn’t look like it. The minimal design coupled with the transparent windows adds an illusion of space. Add in the fact that Fujimoto developed as many levels as possible, it’s easy to see how homes like this could be the future in crowded urban areas.

The Wonderful World of Themed Real Estate

Fujimoto stated about his white structure, “To hear one’s voice from across and above, hopping over to another branch…” The goal of the home was to feel disjointed yet together. The home was created by Sou Fujimoto Architects, and he has developed other unique homes throughout the region. What do you think, are you ready to buy? We wonder what other wonderful themed homes are out there?



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