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Incredible Images From History That Will Leave You Speechless!




For the better part of the last twenty years, we have been living in a world of instant communication. With high-quality camera phones in our pockets, it has become infinitely easier to capture history as it unfolds. However, camera phones weren’t always the norm! Today, we are going to take a trip through time to analyze history from new perspectives. Today, we are going to showcase 32 jaw-dropping images from history that you likely have never seen before!

The World’s First Selfie?

Speaking of camera phones, how can we avoid talking about selfies? While selfies have changed in modern times thanks to apps like Snapchat as well as all of its assorted filters, they weren’t always so fancy. This incredible ‘selfie’ features Robert Cornelius, an amateur photographer who also dabbled in chemistry and manufacturing lamps. For some reason, his filter is better than anything on Instagram or Snapchat. Oh, well.

The Tragic Flight of the Hindenburg

When we talk about aviation-related disasters, the Hindenburg is probably going to sit atop the list. The Hindenburg went down on May 6, 1937, with 97 people on board. The final voyage of the now-infamous balloon has been immortalized in history thanks to images like this one. Can you imagine the shock, awe, and sadness emanating from this moment?

The National Space Invaders Championship

This incredible picture was taken at the National Space Invaders Championship in 1978. Those massive monitors you are looking at? Yeah, those are actually computers. In the era of notebook computers and tablets, it is hard to even imagine a computer of that size. The Space Invaders Championship brought in more than 10,000 participants.

The Beatles Get Together

In April 1970, the Beatles broke up their legendary band via an announcement by Paul McCartney. Looking back, we can’t help but wonder what the Beatles could have done had they managed to 1) stay alive and 2) stay together. This is one of the final group images of the band that inspired so many while changing the music industry forever.

Nikola Tesla Relaxing in His Laboratory

Nikola Tesla isn’t a massive folk her for no reason. A genius by day and a genius by night, Nikola Tesla was always in his laboratory working away at experiments and projects that would change the world. This absolutely shocking image, pun fully intended, shows Tesla seated beside his Magnifying Transmitter within his laboratory. Tesla’s lab would be remade for the film, The Prestige.

Mindblowing Gettysburg Reunion

What we see here is one of the most famous war reunions in the history of the United States. This photograph shows Union and Confederate soldiers reuniting at Gettysburg to shake hands and bury their past. More than 50,000 American veterans would show up to the event, showing that peace was an option between them.

Flying High In the 1960s

Modern airplane travel is hard to endure if you don’t have your own private jet waiting for you. With that being said, flying hasn’t always been this way. You need only go back to the 1960s to see a very different traveling experience. Here we see two stylish flight attendants ready to help their higher class passengers. Back then, flight was reserved for those who had enough money to spend on the luxury.

Bill Gates Showcasing the Data Tower

Bill Gates is not only a pioneer of modern computing, but he is also one of the most awkward promoters of all time. With that being said, this amazing image shows Bill suspended above the forest floor in order to show just how much data can fit on a single CD-ROM. This image dates back to 1994 when even a single CD-ROM was considered a massive storage device. Now, if you don’t have a multi-terabyte hard drive, you aren’t even trying.

Home After the War

This heartrending photograph was taken in 1946 just after the culmination of World War II. Here we see a German soldier finally returning home after being away for years while fighting. Tragically, this soldier’s wife and children had passed away while he was at war. This image is a microcosm of how the war changed lives everywhere, forever.

MLK and the Scorched Cross 

We tend to look at the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. as acts performed by an almost mythological figure. The simple truth was this, Martin Luther King Jr. faced adversity every step of the way, even from individuals who would seek to harm MLK’s family. This image shows Martin Luther King Jr removing the remains of a burnt KKK cross from his yard as his son watches on.

Prohibition Was NOT Popular

To say that prohibition was unpopular would be an understatement. After alcohol sales were prohibited, people took to the streets to demand access to their beer. This image shows such a protest in 1932 as they marched against the official prohibition legislation. Prohibition would be passed where it would give rise to criminals all over the country.

Royal Guard Passes Out Upon Seeing the Queen

The Royal Guard is supposed to stand tall, silent, and resolute against all odds. Unfortunately, this British soldier couldn’t stave off the heat. This image captures a soldier passing out due to heat exhaustion right as Queen Elizabeth walks by with her guard. Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth was cropped out of the image.

Child Receives New Shoes Amidst WWII

To say that World War II caused challenges for soldiers and civilians alike would be an understatement. As the most famous war in the history of the planet, the horrors of World War II left few stones unturned. This image shows a brief if bright silver lining as a young Austrian boy revels in his brand-new shoes. Just look at his old shoes to see how big of a deal this gift is

One Small Step For Man And…

Reaching outer space wasn’t accomplished by man alone! This image shows Ham the Chimp proudly crossing his arms before being launched into space. As the first humanoid to ever reach outer space, Ham the Chimp holds a special place in Earth’s history. They should have named him Champ the Chimp because he will always be a legend to us.

The Enigmatic Olive Ann Oatman

This striking image shows Olive Ann Oatman, an American girl born in Illinois in 1837. One day while out on an excursion with her sister, Olive’s family was attacked by a nearby Native American tribe. Oatman and her sister would be kidnapped while the rest of their family was butchered during the incident. Oatman was given a chin tattoo after being adopted by a Mohave chief. Oatman would die from a heart attack in 1903.

The Final Picture of James Dean

James Dean passed away in 1955 after a fatal car accident. At the time of his death, James Dean was considered to be one of the biggest movie stars in the industry. A massive fan of fast sports cars, Dean had decided to drive to a rally in his car. This image shows Dean just hours prior to wrecking his vehicle and losing his life. You never can know when tragedy is going to strike.

Catholic and Protestant Graves 

This stunning image shows two gravestones, markers for a Protestant husband and his Catholic wife. The two individuals could not be buried together, so their families came up with this amazing joint gravestone. As their hands clasp over the brick wall, we have to ask ourselves, is religious divisiveness worth it?

The Brief Fitness Career of Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is obviously one of the biggest movie stars in the industry. During the height of her career, Jamie Lee Curtis was working on more than just Halloween (1987). For a brief period of time, Jamie Lee Curtis also got into aerobics after co-starring opposite John Travolta in Perfect. While not an Oscar-winning film, the project certainly gave Curtis the chance to show her stuff.

Prisoners Being Used As Test Subjects

No, this image wasn’t taken from an old movie. Instead, this photo shows prisoners being used to test brand new safety nets. The goal for companies at the time was to use prison labor to test their products before greenlighting them for mass production. How would you like to be strapped to a sled in order to test the strength of a safety net? Hard pass!

The Messy Desk of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a pretty notable scientist, wasn’t he? We are kidding, of course, and this desk is proof. Here we are looking at Albert Einstein’s desk in 1955 just hours after the news broke that the famous scientist had perished. This was the desk as Einstein had left it, with every piece of paper exactly how he had it placed.

Alfred Hitchcock Goes For A Ride

Alfred Hitchcock garnered a reputation for being acerbic, focused, and absolutely dark. Thanks to his backlog of incredibly taught thrillers, Hitchcock has reached something of a mythical status in the film world. This image shows Hitchcock in France at the Cannes Film Festival way back in 1972 as he poses for a picture. Hitchcock will be remembered forever thanks to his contributions to cinema.

The Babe’s 700th Home Run

George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth may have never looked like the traditional athlete, but he was never traditional anyway. Babe Ruth is considered by some to be the greatest baseball player in the history of the game. One of Ruth’s most notable accomplishments was captured in this image. This picture shows Ruth smashing the 700th home run of his career way back in 1934.

The Original Hippo Carriage

We’re not sure that hippo carriages ever really became a thing, but at least we can point to one of them! This hippo carriage was mocked together because they were more economical and environmentally friendly than cars. For just 80lbs of fruit and grass, your own private hippo could carry you around 6 miles. For an extra bonus, you’d get to move at a blazing speed of 14 MPH. We only have to watch one nature documentary to realize that this carriage idea was probably a mistake. Seriously, go look at how fast a hippo can move in the water.

How the Civil War Aged Abraham Lincoln

Serving as the President of the United States is a draining prospect in even the best of circumstances. When Abraham Lincoln was elected, the circumstances surrounding the country were not exactly great. This image shows just how dramatically the Civil War aged one of our most famous American Presidents. These pictures show an age difference of just four years. We can’t imagine how Abe would have fared were the war to go on any longer.

Potential Disguises of Adolf Hitler

We don’t personally ascribe to the theory, but many individuals online are convinced that Adolf Hitler survived World War II. This image shows a variety of potential disguises that Hitler could have used while in hiding. This image was created to assist individuals in case Hitler truly did survive World War II. While Hitler has never reappeared in the public eye following his death (obviously), conspiracists still cling to the concept. Some conspiracy theories place Hitler in South America where he supposedly lived until his death. Of course, some conspiracists also think that Hitler was employing dark magic, so take from that what you will.

Dorothy Counts Breaks the Color Barrier

Breaking the color barrier was an absolutely pivotal moment in American history. While race relations have improved over the years, this famous image is only 63 years old. Dorothy Counts was the first African American girl to attend an all-white school in the U.S.A. Counts was bruised, battered, bullied, and assaulted by her white peers.

Original Uniform For SAS Airline

We can’t say enough about how flight has changed over the years. This image shows Birgitta Lindman, a Swedish stewardess, as she has her uniform inspected. At the time, SAS Airline was looking to shorten the skirt on its airline outfit even more. For an outfit made in 1959, this is a remarkably progressive outfit.

Standing Strong Against Nazis, Even Alone

We always think of revolutions as massive acts undertaken by elaborate groups. Instead, revolutions can be internalized by individual people, as shown in this photograph. Sometimes standing up for what is right is more important than standing together with your ‘fellow’ man, especially if they are giving the Nazi salute. We can’t imagine the bravery of this individual, especially knowing that he could have been killed for refusing to heil.

Nuclear Test Site in Nevada, 1953

We can talk all day about the advent of nuclear technology, but we’ll let this picture speak for us. This image shows a nuclear test site in Nevada back in 1953. This picture actually captured the nuclear bomb’s detonation just 16 milliseconds after the explosion was triggered. Truly horrifying, isn’t it?

Trusty Onion Masks

If you have ever served in the army, you will eventually end up on peeling duty. This amazing photograph shows a soldier using their gas mask to peel onions without crying. We have to assume that this was rather tongue in cheek, but if it worked we’d definitely keep using it! Do onions make you cry? How about the thought of peeling them under the threat of a gas attack? Yeah, us neither.

Survivors of a Nazi Death Train

Is there any period in human history more disgusting, depraved, and depressing than World War II? While the horrors of the war have been documented in great detail, sometimes it takes an image like this to wake people up. This image shows Jewish prisoners being saved from a Death Train in 1945. Had these people not been saved, they would have been shipped to a death camp along with millions of other victims.

Mountain of Bison Skulls

This stunning photo dates back to the mid-1870s. This image shows a mountain of bison skulls before they were ground down to be used as fertilizer. At the time, a bounty had been put on bison in order to promote over-hunting. The goal was to cut vital food supplies from being accessible to Native American tribes in the region, thus effectively starving them.

Mestiza de Sangley

This incredible photograph was taken by Francisco Van Camp at some point in the late 19th century. This image shows a woman known only as ‘Mestiza de Sangley’, a term that came from the Philippines. Her name can be translated to ‘Chinese Mestizo’. Though the woman’s identity is still unknown, she has become widely regarded as the Pacific Islands’ answer to the ‘Mona Lisa’.

Earth From Space, 1946

This absolutely jaw-dropping image of the Earth was captured in 1946. This photo was taken after a 35mm camera was attached to a missile. Just imagine, this photo captured every single person living on Earth in a single image. Things have changed quite a bit over the years, haven’t they? Now, the United States is launching its own Space Force. Talk about time flying!

A VERY Famous Street Performer

If you live in the city, you get used to ignoring people on the street. However, if you had run into these two street performers, you might wish you had looked up to say hi! This shot shows Robin Williams in 1974 practicing for a performance in Central Park. The shot was taken by Daniel Sorine well before Williams had ever earned his fame. How cool is that?

Young Schwarzenegger

If you thought that this young man looked familiar, that’s because you are right! This muscular young guy is actually Arnold Schwarzenegger! Well before he was a famous actor or politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered a bodybuilding prodigy. Arnold began pursuing his bodybuilding career at the age of 14 to get away from his father’s shadow.

Bill Before the Blue Dress

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were immortalized in political history forever for their scandal and its corresponding impeachment. This image shows President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky well before the two were linked together forever.  Do these two smiling faces really look like the (then) biggest scandal in American political history?

Quite the Baby Carriage

Life in London during World War II wasn’t exactly comfortable. As the fear of Nazi attacks deepened, citizens of London did everything that they could to stay safe. This image shows a woman and her child going for an afternoon walk. They are, of course, equipped with their handy gas masks in the event of a toxic gas attack.

Crashing in a Field

This incredible picture is almost hard to believe, isn’t it? This shot shows the exact moment that a pilot lost control of their craft. As the plane plummeted toward the earth, the pilot was able to disengage with their parachute. The pilot would survive with only slight injuries. The guy on the tractor? Well, he has a fascinating story to share.



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