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California Nanny Rescues Little Boy From A Nightmare In His Kitchen

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A nanny in Irvine, California saved a little boy after she came home from running some errands to find an unpleasant surprise lurking in the house.

The Lais

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Like most working parents, the Lais despite their best efforts, found they couldn’t cope with the demands of household chores, raising children and working 5 to 7. They decided to hire someone to help around the house and to take care of their three-year-old son in particular.

The Right Nanny

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Finding the right person was not going to be easy but truth be told – and in light of recent events- they got lucky. Jenna Lee Baker seemed a perfect fit. Trustworthy and efficient, she won the three-year-old child in no time. They started relying on Jenna more and more to the point of leaving her in charge of the child all day long, apart from trusting her with errands and other household chores.

Going out for to run some errands

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On the day where these events unfolded, Jenna was at home with only the three-year-old child in her care when she took him with her to run some errands. Nothing unusual about that… They weren’t supposed to take long either so out they went, hoping to wrap things up quickly and return.

Coming back to an odd feeling

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Having completed all the errands and in a good mood, Jenna returned home with the boy and began unlocking the door. As soon as she opened it she felt the most curious and odd sensation. Something like the feeling you get when you walk on the street in the middle of the night and hear footsteps close behind. There weren’t any footsteps though, just an odd feeling, until she saw the contents of her purse on the kitchen counter.

He went in before she could stop him

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Her heart skipped a beat and she decided to leave and call the parents. As she was about to close the door silently, the three-year-old wandered in and just stood there, looking at her.

She trusted her instincts

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The child’s curiosity was aroused for the look of fear in his nanny’s face. She asked him to come back out very quietly but he saw no threat and couldn’t make out why she wanted to leave again. He went a little closer to her but still, she didn’t seem to be making any sense. Jenna on the other hand, tried one more time to persuade him to come out, as quietly as she could.

A woman of action

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The child stood motionless wondering and Jenna was was about to argue further when she heard footsteps in the upper floor running towards the stairs. The time of delicacy was over and gallantly she stormed inside and grabbed the child with one arm before running back outside.

Running away

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Hurrying away from the place she held her phone on her free hand as she called the neighbors to let her in quickly. With a child in her arms she would not outrun anyone for long.

The burglar ran out behind her

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As she turned right on the sidewalk the burglar ran out of the house taking the opposite direction. He had a backpack filled with goodies and ran as fast as his legs would carry him away from the scene.

Telling the parents

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As soon as Jenna told the child’s parents what happened they came back in a hurry. Jenna didn’t know but Mr. Lai had a CCTV system that covered the whole house. They sat down to watch the recordings and had no trouble finding the moment when the intruder broke in their house.

The burglar took some of their belongings

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The footage showed a hooded man going about his business without any worries. First he had a good look at the ground floor and took Jenna’s bag and emptied it on the kitchen counter. Afterwards he went upstairs and grabbed Mrs. Lai’s purse doing the same. He went into every bedroom calmly until he realized someone had returned and then he ran full-speed towards the stairs.

It was the right decision

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The media got a hold of the story and both Mr. Lai and Jenna gave interviews sharing all the details of the break-in. Jenna even did a re-enactment never giving herself much credit for the way she handled things. Mr. Lai declared being very fortunate to have Jenna. He felt extremely grateful not only for the way she handled the whole affair but for the work she did for him and his family, saying “I don’t know what we’d do without her.” Clearly he can count himself lucky because he’s got one hell of a nanny!



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