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12 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Believe are Jerks in Real Life




We often look up to celebrities to be paragons of virtue, and sometimes we either overlook or put a spotlight on times where they falter and misbehave. For a few celebrities their image as nice folks is a constructed image.

Naomi Campbell
The long-time supermodel has a history of fiery outbursts, often resulting in allegedly hitting and insulting her staff.

Matt Damon
The everyman actor behind the Bourne film series and noted philanthropist sometimes lets his mouth run ahead of his head. In 201, he was shown Insulting a cameraman while volunteering for Save Our Schools. In a 2015 episode of “Project Greenlight” Damon condescendingly explained to black co-producer Effie Brown how diversity works in Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg
The former New Kid on the Block and down-to-earth actor from The Fighter and HBO show Ballers often got in trouble with the law during his youth. When he was 16, Mark assaulted two Asian men and was reported to have yelled racial slurs at them during his attacks. Wahlberg recently tried to get a pardon for his crimes from the commonwealth of Massachusetts, but Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Alec Baldwin
If you think you’re overly attached to your phone, you may have met your match with Alec Baldwin. In 2007, Alec reportedly insulted and threatened his daughter for missing a scheduled phone call to him. In 2011 He was removed from an American Airlines flight when he refused to put away his phone before takeoff.

Ruby Rose
The Australian actor’s alternative charm from Orange is the New Black hides a fiery temper. Rose has been reported as getting into social media feuds with the likes of Khloe Kardashian. Rose also got kicked out of a New Orleans restaurant in May 2016 for throwing food at staff and patrons. Pass the salt.

Justin Bieber
The world’s most famous singer has a library of stories of him being rude to others. There are multiple allegations of him spitting randomly at passers by, and had once appeared 2 hours late to his own concert, citing an argument and retreating to play video games as the reason.

Sean Penn
Sean Penn is known for his compassionate roles in Milk and I Am Sam, and his humanitarianism after Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 Haitian earthquake. But his nice guy image is a cover for his frequent outbursts, such the time he heckled Chris Rock during the 2005 Academy Awards, and rumors of domestic violence during his relationship with Madonna in the 80s.

Rachael Ray
Rachael’s image as an upbeat and casual cooking star is allegedly just an act for the camera. Audience reviews of her set describer as chilly to the audience and report frequent yelling to staff on set.

Ariana Grande
This TV and pop star’s innocent image hides a mischievous and impulsive personality Back in 2015.A security camera from a donut shop showed her and her date licking trays of fresh donuts on the counter and supposedly saying that she hated America. She also allagedly said that she wished her fans would “fxxxing die” after finishing an autograph session. She should probably stick to singing for the time being.

Christian Bale
The talented and prolific British actor has a history of anger issues when the camera turns off. His most famous tantrum occurred on the set of Terminator Salvation in 2009, The year before, he was arrested for allegedly hitting his mom in an heated argument over him and his wife.

Kim Kardashian-West
As one of the most prominent celebrities in media, her stratospheric fame seems to have given her a haughty sense of herself. her ex ex-husband Kris Humphries alleged that she thinks little of her fans, referring to them as “‘pathetic” “gullible” “stupid imbeciles” and “boring little nobodies” her recent leak of a Taylor Swift phone call shows a Cersei-like conniving side as well.

Taylor Swift
Often considered America’s girl next door, Taylor Swift has a passive-aggressive side as well. In 2016, Swift insisted on social media that Kanye West hadn’t asked her permission to include a raunchy reference to her in his song “Famous”, To disprove her side of the story, fellow mean girl Kim Kardashian-West leaked a Snapchat video showing Taylor giving permission and kind words to Kanye’s lyrics over the phone.



Dr. Oz: “I’m Very Concerned About the Corona Virus, Here’s Why”




While coronaviruses have been known to medical science since the 1960s, few have been anywhere near as dangerous as this new one from the market in Wuhan China. 

A coronavirus is typified by its protective shell which resembles a crown or a halo under a microscope. That is where it gets its name. The average coronavirus does little more than cause the symptoms of the common cold, sniffles, cough, flu-like symptoms and so on. Part of the reason that these viruses are so hard to prevent from causing millions of colds each year is their protective shell. They can remain on a surface for hours, sometimes days, before they begin to lose structural integrity. But few trigger symptoms as severe as this one known as 2019-nCoV. 

Dr. Oz had this to say about what has become known as the Wuhan Coronavirus, “It’s alarming, this is the big news today, the Chinese leadership is starting to say ‘this incubation period is a lot longer than we thought.’” 

If this report is true, it means that many, many more people may be infected than have been reported- or even anticipated. It means that people could be walking around, infected, and not even know it- not taking precautions and spreading the virus everywhere they go. That means anyone who has recently returned from the area around the Wuhan market, where the outbreak started, could be carrying the disease. 

At the time of this writing, the total enumerated infection count is over 1,800. The total deaths are approaching 200. Other researchers are suggesting that this virus has a rapid mutation rate. That is particularly terrifying because it is what made the HIV-AIDS virus so difficult to treat.

At present, the World Health Organization had laid down a series of suggestions to help people avoid infection.

They advise that anyone who may come into contact with the virus should:

  • Wash their hands frequently
  • Maintain good sanitation on and around all frequently used objects and surfaces
  • Avoid centers of mass travel such as airports
  • Sneeze and cough into the elbow or a tissue
  • Take immunity-boosting supplements like vitamin C

The source of the infection is believed to have come from a specific market in Wuhan, where live animals were kept in stalls for sale and trade. Researchers believe the virus came from either a snake or a bat. The initial cases of illness were reported in December 2019 by employees of the Wuhan market. That market is now shut down for the foreseeable future.

As health officials struggle to understand the virus and contain its progress, other researchers are asking even more startling questions. The shell of this virus is similar to the shell of a virus created in a university research lab in 2015 at the University of North Carolina. What’s more, there is a known military biological weapons lab in Wuhan China.

If these reports are true, it could have serious implications, not only for global health- but for relations between the US and China. 

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Big Brother Contestants Make How Much on the Show?!?




Big Brother has been a wildly popular, dramatic reality TV game show since 2000. Audiences are captivated by the twists, the turns, the strange alliances, and the betrayals. The show is based on a Dutch program with the same premise which also became wildly popular in Spain and Germany before the reboot came to America.

As the US version grew in popularity, the producers eventually made it possible for fans to watch the contestants on a non-live streaming video feed available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Yes, the contestants on Big Brother are now on display to be viewed by anyone in the world at every waking moment. How they avoid getting caught in their all-togethers or during toilet breaks, we don’t know. Maybe they have certain camera-safe areas to which they can retreat.

Later on, the house the Big Brother contestants live in was stripped of all communication devices- depriving them of contact with the outside world. That is- except for the live feeds the public has unfettered access to. So, if one of them was being held hostage, we suppose they could let us know.

So the question came up of, how much do the contestants really earn? By playing the game they have the chance to make friends, or enemies, become Internet sensations, and to win half a million dollars. But, given everything they have to put up with; being ripped out of their lives, possibly losing jobs, experiencing the anguish of betrayal- all while being on public display- do they get anything else?

According to a report by Reality Blurred, a site that follows the happenings of reality TV stars, programs, and related matters- the contestants “[…] receive $750 per week that they’re in the house.”

Any pay they receive while in the jury house is harder to account for since nothing about it appears on the contract. However, it is believed that contestants receive consolation prizes during their time out of the main house. It also seems reasonable that the consolation prizes received in the jury house should be worth at least $500 since keeping them away from other gainful employment for less than that would be near to slavery. (We’re looking at you, jury duty.)

However, while the big prize on Big Brother is a cool half-million on top of what the contestants earn as their weekly salary, in reality- they have much more to gain in Internet stardom.

Many former Big Brother players have gone on to lucrative careers as influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. While any gains from that are unlikely to be as exhilarating as half a million in fast cash- the best of them certainly earn more than that over the long term.

So, it would appear that our curiosity MacGuffins on Big Brother are at least doing as well as someone earning minimum wage- while essentially fooling around Truman Show style.

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Single Mom Irina Shayk, Happy Single




Those in the public spotlight seem to be an open book. Their every move seems to is covered by gossip sites. Their whereabouts are nearly always and it seems as if we are updated on who’s dating who and what luxurious vacation they are on.

That’s why it is surprising that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper kept their relationship under wraps for so long, dating all the way back to 2015. The couple was first spotted together after the actor and model were first seen in 2015. Cooper split from Suki Waterhouse and Shayk ended her five-year relationship with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The couple was first seen together at a Broadway show, then shortly thereafter, the White House Correspondents’ dinner. Things seemed to move quickly from there. Within months the couple moved in together, soon they announced they were expecting.

Work Gets in the Way:

Irina, who has been quiet about her relationship and breakup with Bradley Cooper, recently spoke up about their relationship.

The couple ended their relationship in 2019, on the heels of the release of the stars’ remake of a Star is Born. The on-screen chemistry between Bradley Cooper and his co-star, Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, sent tongues wagging. Rumors were raging that the two co-stars were in a relationship based on their pationate adaption of the film.

Irina set the record straight in some recent interviews about the end of their relationship. According to Shayk, the couple hadn’t been getting along for quite some time. After the baby was born, Shayk was hoping that Cooper would put their family first and slow down his busy working schedule. She was secretly hoping that after A Star is Born was released and the promotional tour was over, he would spend more time at home. That was not the case.

Irina, 33, was ready to settle into family life. This included getting married and more children. But the marriage never happened, and Cooper’s work schedule was as busy as ever.

Irina felt that her expectations weren’t met and she didn’t have the commitment level she wanted from Cooper. Shortly after the Award season in June 2019, the news broke that the couple had split. Irina had taken baby Lea and moved out of the couples Los Angeles home.At first, the separation was thought to be temporary. Both partners have decided that they are better apart than together.

Better Apart:

The couple continues to co-parent their daughter, but it seems like the couple are happty being apart. They both seem to be quite content focusing on their child and carreers.

Irina recently said that “life without Cooper” and being a single mom is “new ground.” She also said that just because two people are great on their own, they are not always good together.

Irina is a strong woman, and while she often feels overwhelmed being a single-mom, she’s ready for the challenge. Both parents are dedicated to doing what is best for their child and are curently working on a visitation schedule.

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