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10 underwater discoveries sure to amaze you

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Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing we know everything about our planet. We seem pretty concerned about the possibility of Mars sustaining life and we’re even eager to go further and lust for knowledge about even more remote places. But our own planet, the one we take for granted, holds so many secrets… Our Oceans, quite more substantial than the land we live in, remain vastly unexplored.  

The Oceans, contain 99% of the living space of the planet. We only know about 3% of what’s out there.

We have endeavored to compile some examples for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Baltic sea anomaly

This formation simply cannot be the result of natural forces in motion. The problem is that no one knows who made it.

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Yonaguni Monument

The same goes for the “Yonaguni Monument” off the coast of Japan. No one really knows who made it and if someone does he or she is keeping very quiet about it.

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Egypts lost underwater city

Egypt’s lost underwater city is none other than the city of Heracleion. It’s dated over 1200 BCE and used to be the entry port to Egypt.

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Loki’s castle

In the Arctic ocean, some miles off the coast of Norway lie these weird formations that have been baptized Loki’s castle.

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The Lost city of Heracleion

Marine explorer Franck Goddio, is responsible for discovering the now underwater Egyptian city. His team had to unbury a great deal of it.

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The Green LAKE, Austria

Every year the snow from the mountains melts, flooding this area and turning it into a freezing lake.

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Train graveyard

Off the coast of New Jersey lies a train graveyard with dozens of them.

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Ghost fleet

A mass grave filled with WWII victims. Not something you’d want to encounter on a dive.

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Underwater wreckage from Mongol invasion

When the Mongol were trying to take the World, they attempted a massive invasion. It would have been the end of Japan, but a “holy wind” –According to the Japanese at least–


basically destroyed most of the fleet. The Mongol warriors who weren’t killed by the sea were quickly dispatched by the Japanese Samurai.

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Port Royal, Jamaica


The notorious city of Port Royal was a favorite destination among pirates until it sank beneath the sea, after a tremendous earthquake in 16xx. Many structures have survived underwater all these years and can be visited by divers who might be curious about underwater cities in general.

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