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10 Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

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Canned foods

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Canned foods, apart from convenience, in many cases offer a significant nutritional value. Canned fish generally contains higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. The problem is not so much the food itself being Cancer-Causing but rather becoming laced with cancer-inducing chemicals.


In the case of most of canned food, the chemical that causes concern is Bisphenol-A. This chemical is prevalent in the plastic lining of cans, that serves as a barrier between the metal interior –that can react with the food altering its flavor and shelf life– and the product. When in prolonged contact with the food in the can, the lining leeches Bisphenol-A into the food. When consumed it acts as an endocrine disruptor, mimicking the estrogen hormone. It is not only linked to cancer but to a host of other illnesses as well, like diabetes and mental disorders.


Food companies are slowly complying with the removal of Bisphenol-A from cans and other containers –plastic water bottles are another source– but most brands still contain it. In other cases it has simply been replaced with other chemicals like BPS –a chemical of the same family– that unfortunately, is not different enough to be safe.

 Soda Pop

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Soda pop remains one of the most widely consumed beverages on earth, despite the well documented evidence of its unhealthiness. The regular varieties, i.e. with sugar, contain massive amounts per serving –close to 8 tablespoons– and the “light” or “diet” varieties, are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, that are Cancer-Causing and responsible of a wide rage of ill effects, that more than cancel any benefit that could be perceived by the caloric reduction involved in their use in place of normal sugar.


In addition, soda pop contains other chemicals that are linked to cancer. In summation, the healthiest choice is to stay away from them.

Farmed salmon

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The problem with farmed salmon, stems from what they’re fed and given to stay healthy in the farm. This includes many known Cancer-Causing substances like pesticides and antibiotics.


Microwave popcorn

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Like with the cans, the problem is stems from the inner coating. The most prevalent chemical used to coat the interior of the bag is perfluorooctanoic acid. It leaches into the popcorn with prolonged contact on the shelf and during preparation of the popcorn in the microwave, where the bag reaches very high temperatures.


Perfluorooctanoic acid has been linked to several types of cancer. In addition it’s also been linked to infertility in women.

Processed meats

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Most processed meats are flavored and cured using substances that are known carcinogens. “Smoked” products are particularly dangerous. Naturally smoked products weren’t particularly healthy to begin with, but nowadays the most widely used method of smoking meats is using “liquid smoke” that considerably reduces both the time and the cost of the whole process.


Liquid smoke contains many chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Furthermore, processed meats contain a host of other carcinogens, used either to enhance its flavor or to increase shelf life.

Potato chips

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Potato chips are fried using oils that breakdown at high temperatures. These broken down elements become part of the fried chip. Some of these elements are known carcinogens.

Hydrogenated oils

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Hydrogenated oils, prevalent across the food industry and sometimes marketed as “light” or “vegetable” produce inflammation and could be called Cancer-friendly. These oils are responsible high cholesterol, arteries clogging and high blood pressure among other things. When these oils are subjected to high temperatures it breaks down (burns) and becomes tremendously unhealthy and ridden with carcinogenic substances.


Genetically modified foods (GMO)

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Genetically modified foods are controversial. It’s been quite a while since they’ve been linked not just to cancer, but to a host of other disorders including DNA damage.


The reason, is that the mere process of modifying the DNA produces toxins. The Only way to stay safe is to buy organic.

Red meat

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Whilst the items listed previously are carcinogenic, red meat is only a “probable” cause of cancer. Research suggests that “charred” meat may increase the risk of cancer.


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One daily drink is fine, but binging on alcoholic beverages can cause heart failure, stroke, sudden death and breast cancer.

Non-organic fruit.


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Non-organic fruit may cost more in the beginning but it will pay for itself in the long. run. Pesticides sprayed on these fruits cause severe problems including cancer. Better stick to organic fruit.






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