This Mom And Daughter Tucked Into A Meal While The Foster Son Went Hungry. Then A Stranger Stepped In

This Mom And Daughter Tucked Into A Meal While The Foster Son Went Hungry. Then A Stranger Stepped In
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1. Three’s Company

There’s nothing like enjoying a happy, wholesome meal taken in congenial company.

2. The Things We See On Our Walks

When you live in an urban environment, sharing public spaces, your sense of community expands. It takes in many diverse types of individuals and unusual situations.

3. It Takes All Types

The scenario: an attractive mom, straight outta central casting. A pig-tailed daughter. A handsome young man who’s perhaps adopted or a friend of the family. You smile at the sight of them sitting together, each of them studying the menu.

4. Maybe I’ll Take That to Go

But as you study the scene a bit longer, something begins to seem amiss. The woman seems to be on the edge of going all Pink Floyd on the lad: “If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!”

5. You Can Get Anything You Want at Alice’s Restaurant

“No, son, when I asked what you wanted to eat, Beyonce is not a proper response. And wipe that smile off of your face.”

6. How Sweet It Is

You can look all you want, but you can’t touch this. You study the boy as he sips his water and stares longingly at the girl’s milkshake. Oh, it looks so very, very pink. “Mom, why can’t I have a milkshake, too?” he asks.

“Remember your diabetes, son.”

“But mom, I don’t have diabetes,” he replies. She tells him that’s because she keeps him from milkshakes.

“How come Katie gets one then?” She answers, “Because I took a life insurance policy out on her, that’s why. Now, Katie, honey, drink up!”

7. Oh, No, Not On My Watch You Don’t!

I’m sending my X-ray death stare on your stringy white butt, and don’t think I’m not! Yeah, I’m gonna melt you into that chair, and your pink milkshake slurping progeny, too. Don’t think I’m not going to melt you. There’s no escape now; you are as dead as that stringy half-cooked cow on your plate.

8. Marching to a Different Beat

Katie starts drumming on the table, annoying the other patrons. When Michael joins in, the mother sharply reprimands him, explaining “It’s okay if Katie drums on the table, we expect silliness from her. She’s strictly amateur hour. You, on the other hand, have talent. I don’t want you hitting the table. You go to that jazz club on 9 th. Avenue and you get some serious green, do you hear me, young man? You don’t give away what you can get good greenbacks for. Now take Katie here, do you seriously think anyone’s going to pay her for her musical gifts? Let her hit the table, that’s her peak. You, young man, I expect finer things from. Don’t disappoint me.”

9. Meet Your Meat

“Mom, how come you and Katie get a hamburger with your fries, and all I get are fries?”

“Remember that life insurance policy I told you that I took out on Katie? Right. Someday you’ll thank me.” The kid nods. Mother knows best.

10. Are You Sure?

“As long as you’re sure now?” he mutters as you study his sad face.


11. I Can’t Believe This!

I can’t believe that I didn’t think of getting life insurance on my family, you think. You pound your forehead in frustration at all of those wasted years.

With foresight, you could have made a serious dent in your student loan payments.

12. If You Can’t Talk to Total Strangers, Then What’s the Point of Eavesdropping?

Who can you talk to? Your family? You didn’t think of bloating them up with unhealthy foods, and so they’re still hale and healthy and unwilling to put up with your attitude. That’s why approaching strangers in public spaces works best.

13. Lights, Cameras, Action!

All of a sudden, a camera crew appears. It’s like one of your nightmares, but in this one, you’re wearing clothing. Your first thought is: who are these people? Your second thought is: I told my boss that I was at home with the flu. Dang!

Okay, I can still maybe get out of this. What are the chances of anyone in that viper’s nest of an office that I work at watching trash TV? On second thought, I am so hosed.

14. It’s a Wonderful Life

If it’s not on film, it ain’t real. If it is on film, it may be a fake. Choose wisely.

15. Don’t Touch the Merchandise

The good news is that the woman at the next table is offering to buy you whatever you want to eat. The bad news is that all of a sudden you’ve lost your appetite.

16. I Could….

I could get used to this! Wait, I should be playing hard to get. “Okay, ma’am, I give you about two hours to stop this nonsense.”

17. I Have a Thing

Michael, I have a thing for jazz drummers, and I couldn’t help but overhear that you beat the skins. I think we should talk about that, Michael. I really do.

18. Betcha

When the camera crew came up and commended her for her coming to the aid of a handsome young man, she said that she was always available for young talent.


19. Repeat After Me

Click your heels three times and repeat after me: “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” dang it! If the home is where the heart is, then this is a heart attack waiting to happen.

20. Where the Cool Kids Swing

There is a special spot where the cool kids swing, but it definitely ain’t here.

Katie, unfortunately, succumbed to early onset diabetes.

Mom has relocated to Paris.

Michael is on tour with a boy band after being spotted in a jazz club.