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This Guy Dug A Huge Hole In His Backyard, What He Created Will AMAZE You

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Wayne Martin might be a survivalist, a wine aficionado or perhaps both. His “Do it Yourself” project though, involved a huge hole, a shipping container and lots of concrete. Read on, we promise the end result will AMAZE you


You can get pretty much everything from the internet these days… Groceries, Wine, gadgets… Wayne was able to get himself a huge shipping container and have it delivered. The container was in good condition but nevertheless after a nice paint job it looked brand new.


After the paint job he welded the double doors shut. He cut a hole on the other end and had a frame welded to install a door sustained with three hinges and a lock.Wayne-Martin-diy-project-2

He found a contractor with an excavator and paid him to dig a big hole deeper than the container’s height and with room to spare on all sides. Afterwards he layered the bottom with 6 inches of pea gravel.

A septic-tank company had the perfect crane to put the container in the hole.

It was placed in the centre leaving an equal amount of space on all sides.

A small hole for a sump pump in the entrance.

Next he built a concrete stairwell leading out.

A couple of beams joined the stairwell with the container.

More beams were added to support the roof.

Zinc-coated galvanized steel sheets would cover the whole thing.

The top of the stairwell was surrounded with steel bars.

He inserted cinder blocks into the steel bars and then filled them all with concrete.

Ventilation was provided for by 12 inch pipes front and back. PVC pipes were also installed for utilities.

The pouring of concrete begun.

Over 6 inches of concrete on the steel sheets and bars.

More cinder blocks fortified the stairwell and secured the entrance.

Once the concrete was dry it was all covered with soil.

This is where the fun begins. Filling the whole place with wine bottles and waiting for the world to end.

Not a bad place to hide from zombies right?


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