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The Most Unlikely Hollywood Couples

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Ah, love, the most wonderful human emotion there is! Seeing Hollywood couples makes us smile, but some of them leave us thinking “what’s up with that?” All we can say is that the heart wants what it wants, but we can still get some entertainment out of pointing out some very unlikely tinsel town couples, right?

Mary-Kate and her Dad…err…Husband

We all remember Mary-Kate for her diaper days on sitcom, Full House. But she’s all grown up now and taken a husband 16 years her senior. Sadly, he looks much older. To add to the drama, hubby Olivier Sarkozy is also the half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Perhaps the most vocal about this couples relationship is the groom’s ex-wife, who stated, “its grotesque.” Sorry Mary-Kate, I must agree.




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