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The Cast Of Law & Order: Then & Now

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Law and Order first graced our screens in 1990. The show’s dominance throughout the coming decade into the new millennial. The actors who have appeared on television sets of millions of homes have gone on to achieve accomplishments on and off of the program. Their achievements have earned permanent places in viewers’ memories as actors and characters who have shaped popular culture. This list aims to show where twenty-five of the actors on Law and Order have ended up from then to now.

Jesse L. Martin
Ed Green remains one of the show’s most popular characters among friends. Jesse L. Martin played the character on the show from 2002 all the way until 2008. He would quickly become one of the most popular characters on the show. His character as a detective would eventually be replicated as he currently plays a detective on the hit show, the Flash.

Jerry Orbach
Jerry Orbach’s character Lennie Briscoe is perhaps one of the most well known characters of Law and Order. Orbach’s role on the show would last for a full twelve years. Fans will also recognize him in the movie Dirty Dancing. Orbach has since passed away in 2004.

Sam Waterston
Sam Waterston had a long-lasting role on the show as Jack McCoy. Sam Waterston would play the character for a full sixteen years on the show. His time with the show would act as a anchor allowing audiences to have something to relate to throughout the show’s duration. Since Law and Order Waterston has gone on to appear in a multitude of other projects, including the highly popular Netflix show Grace and Frankie.

Chris Noth
It’s hard not to remember detective Mike Logan. A strong character in the series since the very beginning Christopher Noth has gone to one to be a huge character in a number of other television shows. Perhaps his biggest role outside of Law and Order has been in the television show Sex in the City. Chris Noth has also paid a pivotal role in the popular mainstream show, The Good Wife.

Benjamin Bratt
The character Rey Curtis might have only been on Law and Order for a brief four years, but his time on the show would make an impression on viewers’ thanks to Benjamin Bratt. Bratt has since gone on to start in movies such as Dr. Strange.

Fred Thompson
Arthur Branch was an incredibly famous district attorney made popular by Fred Thompson on Law and Order. His time on the show as Arthur Branch would allow Fred Thompson to gain a larger view in the public spotlight. Fred Thompson started acting on the show after completing his term as an actual senator. Thompson has unfortunately since passed in 2015.

Kathryn Erbe
Popular for her role on Law and Order Criminal Intent, Erbe played Alexandra Eames for a total of nine years. Erbe has not gone on to play many roles since but has served in a cameo appearance as Alexandra in a special episode of Law and Order SVU.

Jill Hennessy
Having played the character D.A. Claire Kincaid on Law and Order and later Jordan on Crossing Jordan, Jill Hennessy is well known for her roles within crime drama shows. Since appearing in Law and Order and Crossing Jordan, Hennessy has gone on to appear on the popular television show, The Good Wife.

B.D. Wong
Dr. George Huang is another popular character in Law and Order SVU. B.D. Wong’s portrayal of him has gone down to help his career become extremely successful. Wong having been in the original Jurrassic Park can also be seen in the newest film Jurassic World. His role in the film has allowed him to enter the public spotlight even more.

Vincent D’onofrio
Another lead character on Criminal Intent, D’onofrio is perhaps also most known for his role as the villain in the first Men in Black movie. His latest role was as one of the cast members of the remake The Magnificent Seven. He is perhaps most known for his role as villains in his films.

Carey Lowell
Lowell’s most famous role is as Jamie Ross. Having played the character for a total of four years. Since playing the role she has gone on to date one of the creators of MTV. She has unfortunately not found herself acting in many other projects since playing D.A. Jamie Ross.

Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson perhaps best known for the television show Blackish and movie Kangaroo Jack, got one of his early breaks as the character Detective Kevin Bernard on Law and Order. Anthony Anderson only was on the show from 2008-2010 but continues to be a fan favorite.

Perhaps the most popular character on the show is Detective Odafin Tutuola. His long run on Law and Order SVU eclipsed his professional career as a rap artist. ICE-T now mainly appears on distinctive programs via cameos. ICE-T continues to be a standout cast member due to his character’s vastly different street personality.

Carolyn McCormick
Playing Dr. Elizabeth Olivet, Carolyn McCormick has been able to bring her character across several of the different iterations of Law and Order. Carolyn McCormick can currently be seen playing a doctor in Madam Secretary. Carolyn McCormick tends to choose more of the serious characters in television series.

Mariska Hargitay
Playing Detective Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitay fast became one of the most famous characters on Law and Order SVU. Her time on the show would elevate her to an iconic legendary role. Mariska Hargitay continues to play the famous role to this day keeping the character of Detective Olivia Benson alive.

Dennis Farina
No one dislikes the amazing mustache of Detective Joe Fontana. While only on Law and Order for two years. Detective Joe Fontana quickly became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Dennis Farina would pass away in 2013 and would not be able to continue playing his character.

Michael Moriarty
Playing D.A. Ben Stone on Law and Order when it first started, Michael Moriarty was an incredibly integral part of the show. Now in his 70s, Moriarty continues to play characters such as Mr. Isaac Hendricks in the Yellow Papers, filmed in 2012. Michael Moriarty was one of the earliest characters on Law and Order, but he has left a long-lasting memory on viewers.

Jeremy Sisto
Sisto played Detective Cyrus Lupo on Law and Order from 2008 until 2010. While he was only on the show for two years, he created a lasting impression on viewers. This impression perhaps came because of his famous role on Clueless. His most-recent role was as Freddy Green on Ice. He was also previously seen on the television show Suburbia.

Richard Brooks
Having played D.A. Paul Robinette from 1990-1993, Richard Brooks was one of the earliest cast members on the show. While there has been a handful of members since his initial appearance on the show, D.A. Paul Robinette remains one of the earliest D.A. members on the show. Richard Brooks has since moved on to play a character on the show Being Mary Jane.

Richard Belzer
Richard Belzer was an absolute favorite character on Law and Order. Belzer would play Detective John Munch for a total of 23 years on Law and Order. Since the show, Richard Belzer has gone on to make appearances in a wide variety of shows and much more recently the Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt.

Christopher Meloni
Another popular character on Law and Order SVU is Christopher Meloni. Playing Detective, Elliot Stabler Meloni was on Law and Order SVU for a total of twelve years. One of two main characters on Law and Order SVU, Elliot Stabler has gone down as a fan favorite, even after being written for the show. Christopher Meloni has since gone on to have guest-starring roles in the new Super Man movie and True Blood.

Tamara Tunie
Famous for her roles as Dr. Melinda Warner, Tamar Tunie earned her fans while starring on Law and Order Special Victims Unity. Her appearances on the show periodically for a length of 10 years. After appearing on Law and Order, she has since made appearances on shows such as Chicago Fire and Elementary.

Dann Florek
Having played Captain Donald Cragen on Law and Order for a total of eighteen years. While he has been on Law and Order for so long he has most recently appeared in the hit television series titled Under the Dome. Captain Donald Cragen has been one of the most stable characters on the show providing a level-headed base.

Diane Neal
Playing Casey Novak Diane Neal became well-liked for playing an excessively hard line A.D.A on Law and Order SVU. Her character became excessively popular for being intensely serious. Since being on the show she has made the switch to appear in NCIS and its sister series NCIS: New Orleans.

Stephanie March
Stephanie March is most famous for playing Alexendra Cabot on Law and Order SVU. While she was on the show for a total of thirteen years she became extremely popular for her public relationship with the famous American Chef, Bobby Flay. She has most recently appeared in the television show Odd Mom Out.


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