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Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Immediately Before Disaster

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There is nothing better than a photo that was timed perfectly that you simply did not expect to get. There are plenty of times when the perfect photo just falls into your lap and here are a few different instances where the perfectly timed photo just happened.

Cargo Ship

This photo shows a cargo ship just moments before it topples over. You can see the containers overbalancing the boat as makes a turn. The boat is clearly going to topple over, it is just a matter of time.

Pilot Ejector

Here we see a pilot eject himself just seconds before his plane is engulfed in flames. The plane goes up in flames as it scrapes the ground in a crash landing and the ejector seat propels the pilot clear of the wreckage.

Alligator Surprise

Here we see a woman that is seconds away from being brushed up against by an alligator. The woman seems completely oblivious to the gator that is lurking just inches from her legs.

Whale of a Ride

This photo shows a whale shark trying to filter in plankton while an unsuspecting diver swims just on the other side of the huge mouth. Hopefully the diver got out of the way before disaster struck.

Driver Down

Here we see a driver that has been thrown clear of the wreckage of his go cart. The driver is clearly as confused about what happened as we are and the other drivers seem just as concerned.

Abandon Ship

Here we see an air boat that is about to topple over into what might be gator infested waters. The boat is in the everglades it appears and the people on board are certainly taken aback by what is going down.

Car Wreck

This is a crash that the spectators never saw coming. Here we see a race car that has flipped and crashed and is nearly in the laps of the people watching the race. I’m sure that they didn’t sit so close to the track the next race they went to.


Here we see a beautiful model with what appears to be a huge python. While we are sure the snake is trained to interact with people, that does not make it any less intimidating and any less terrifying.

The clowns are coming

Here we see a pastry delivery man about to run into two scary looking clowns. For those that are afraid of clowns, this is surely a nightmare come true.

Bike Crash

Here we see a young man on his bike about to crash into a lake or a body of water while two women watch. They appear to be having a great time but I’m sure that the young man on the bike was not prepared when he finally hit that water.

Watch Out for That Pole

We can all appreciate a beautiful woman but some people take it a step too far. Here we see a man looking at an attractive woman as she walks by and he nearly runs into a pole doing so. He isn’t watching where he is going and he is about to pay the price.

Battle of the Birds

Birds are adorable, they also fight quite a bit. Here we see a bird mid fight as it pushes the other bird off its perch so it can have all the food without anyone to bother him. He really seems determined to have all the food to himself on this bird feeder.

Horsing around

Here we see a bride on her wedding day, too bad no one told her that the angle made it look like she was more of a mythical beast than a beautiful blushing bride.

Walking on Sunshine

Here we see a skydiver doing what most people only wish they could. It looks like he is walking on clouds when he is really just free falling.

Look Out Behind You

Here we see a hunter with his fresh kill as well as a mountain lion waiting for him to leave so it can eat the elk. This is a truly scary situation as an adult mountain lion could very easily kill this man with very little effort and we doubt that the camera man would be able to react before it was too late.

A Jump Too Far

Here we see a rider that has jumped a bit too far off of her horse. She seems to have gone a bit too far forward and her horse is having a tough time catching up. We all know how this one ends but this photo is certainly priceless.

Your Scope is a Bit Too Close

Anyone that knows anything about guns knows that a gun this size is going to have quite a bit of kick. This means that the gun is going to kick back after it is fired and will likely black her eye, if not black it, at the very least hurt is very badly.

Fish Face

This fish made its film debut just as this diver was posing for a shot. The fish seemed to know just when the camera was going to go off and it even seems like it was smiling for the photo.

Chin Ups

Here we see a cat that is either training for an event or simply trying to win at the hardest game of hide and seek ever. This cat really seems dedicated to the craft and the dog has no idea what is going on.

New Meaning to Pop A Wheelie

Here we see that there is a new meaning to pop a wheelie as this dirt bike rider literally popped off his wheel while riding. His bike is going to hit the ground hard when it finally comes down.


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