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Only In Australia – Pictures That Will Shock You

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Australia is a gorgeous continent full of culture and adventures, however, it also has some of the dreadful animals in the world. Therefore, if you’re planning to go there to rest or feel some new experiences perhaps you should get the number of some local exterminators and this is not an exaggeration!

Please check this gallery to know the terrific beasts of Australian wildlife.


A Unique Bargain Shopper

Probably you’ll scream like any sane person who sees a gigantic snake crawling inside of a store.

Is Dracula Alive After All?

Nope. In Australia lives so many giant species of bats, so if you look one of these massive bats, remember, it’s not the grandfather of Count Dracula. Don’t scare and just take a selfie with one of them.


A Time For Pest Control

This photo shows how a crowded swarming of beetles are invading a boat and keeping everyone hostage. Maybe it’s time to call some exterminators, what do you think?


That’s A Jellyfish

This massive jellyfish was swimming around and fortunately for you, it crashed on the coast’s rocky shore and died. However, this is not the unique out there, so if you are thinking to swim on the beach think twice about it.


This Hole in One is Very Special

If you’re playing golf and see that your golf ball doesn’t enter in the hole, just take look at it. You could find it filled with furled snakes. I hope that you’ll have an exterminators’ numbers ready.


While The Insect May Be Bigger, Better

Some Australian insects are enormous, but fortunately, they are friendly to humans. In any case, it’s better to have the pest control service’s number at hand.


Mom, What is That? A Spider?

Actually, is a giant crab that looks quite terrifying. I doubt that even exterminator could have the courage to get disposal of that critter.


The King Of Water

This is the moment to determine once and for all who is the King of the Water. And it seems that the crocodile is the winner of the ultimate fight. In any case, both animals are dangerous for humans, so watch your step.

Daily Quenchers

Nothing Unusual

This scene is quite normal. They are just a pair of humans, a llama, a collared sheep, and… wait, what’s that?


Whoa! I Didn’t See You There!

The saltwater crocodile is one of the biggest animals of Australian wildlife. In fact, we can see how some Japanese tourists are shocked while are taking pictures of the massive reptile emerging from the water. But this is something very ordinary in Australia.


Is This My Dinner?

This torn shark is the result of a hard fight in the water. Fortunately for this dog, the sea brings him his dinner that looks very tasty.


This Creature is Real!

Well, it seems that some horror authors like Stephen King takes his inspiration from the creepy creatures that live in Australia. Like this giant spider that can change its shape using a horrific design (like a human skull)


Be Careful When Something is Stuck On You

Please, be careful of these ticks with the size of Godzilla that can stick in your body without noticing. Although having a bigger size, they still manage to move silently to stick on their next victims.

There’s Something On The Wall

“Hey honey, it seems like we’ve found finally our new pet: a massive lizard that walks on walls. Is it not adorable?”


Yee Haw!

Who will prefer to walk when you can just use your bike to carry the loose sheep back to your place? This is something totally normal.


That’s Insane

The Australian snakes are bad *ss. It seems they can eat anything and everything when they want to.


Hiking in The Mountains

Speaking of Australian snakes, here another example of how they can be terrifying on any occasion and at any place. No matter how big is their victim, these snakes are excellent predators.

A Closer Experience

There is a special touristic attraction: to swim inside of a plastic cylinder in a pool full of alligators and crocodiles surrounding you. It sounds very interesting and cool, isn’t?

An Optical Illusion Or…?

We hope that photo is some kind of an optical illusion. In any case, that doesn’t make things better.

What A Prize!

It looks that taking a massive crocodile to home as a prize in the back of a pickup is something totally normal in Australia.



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