Mysterious Monuments and Places That Have Baffled Scientists

Mysterious Monuments and Places That Have Baffled Scientists
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Have you ever thought about the meaning behind archeological mysteries? Are you fascinated by the wonders of the ancient world? Maybe you have theories regarding the creation of sophisticated structures by primitive communities. You may believe in human-alien interactions or even attribute earth’s wonders to extra-terrestrial dabbling. In any case, enjoy the following collection of humankind’s most inexplicable archeological phenomena—they even have the scientists and experts in a conundrum.

 Lost City of Petra, Jordan

The Lost City of Petra in Jordan displays surprising sophistication considering its age. Despite the estimated date of 312 BC for the building of Petr, it has an advanced water conduit system and ornate carved rock architectural embellishments. How could such an ancient people achieve that level of development. Scientists also wonder what happened to the people of Petra.