Hunter Doesn’t Kill a Wolf; He Saves It

Hunter Doesn’t Kill a Wolf; He Saves It
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The average person in the city or suburbia thinks of a hunter as someone who goes out on the weekends, shoots up the sky in a wetland or forest, bags an animal or two, and comes home to tell everyone about the trophy he got or the big one that got away. While there are plenty of character who live up to this stereotype, real hunters more often than not are very much in tune with nature, their place in the wild, and what is appropriate to kill in a hunt as well as what is not.

The above said, the wild and the woods are where survival takes place. So if a person squeamish about seeing blood, animalistic violence and guts, they’re better off staying at home because there is no Bambi or Thumper out in the real wilderness. And bigger animals have no problem attacking a human just as well as any other prey if that animal thinks the human is a good opportunity for a meal or a threat that needs to be eliminated within a territory.