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Homeless man gets a makeover that changes his life

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Of all the innumerable factors that contribute towards a favorable first impression, how we look is undoubtedly the most important. We all “profile” people and label them according to our criteria. We do this instinctively for a number of reasons, including our survival – after all, nobody wants to befriend a serial killer. Our peace of mind plays a role as well – we also don’t want our babysitter to look as ravishing as Jessica Alba – if you’re a married middle-aged woman with an attractive husband even if you trust him completely- and we certainly don’t want our accountant to look like Kramer from Seinfeld.

The clothes we wear and the care we put into our grooming are amongst the most useful tools that we can use to convey who we are to others – if that is our intention. The way we behave ourselves and the eloquence of our speech will only provide the desired effect if it’s not sabotaged by the way we look. No one would respect a police officer dressed as a clown and a schoolteacher would surely have issues controlling his pupils if he decided to wear a Star Trek outfit for work.

The choice is ours for good and bad, when it comes to choose our clothes and groom ourselves. But what happens when we lose the power to do this things? People who become homeless due to any circumstance, lose this privilege the moment they can’t take a shower, shave or wash their clothes. When someone lives on the street for a certain amount of time it shows, weather this person would like to do something  about it or not.

This is the story of Jose Alfonso, a Spanish man who has been homeless for over 25 years. Caring little about the way he looked, his long hair and beard gave him the appearance of a castaway who was recently rescued. His clothes were fairly clean and adequate considering his condition. But the stigma of homelessness went with him everywhere he went.


One day, the owner of a hair salon offered him a haircut. It changed his life completely.




After dealing with it for a number of years, one day José got so depressed that he was unable to get up in the morning. The condition persisted  and he lost his job and his home as a result. For most of his life, he worked as an electrician in the city of Palma. When he lost his job he begun doing odd jobs here and there barely making enough money to eat. He was no longer able to afford a home.


As time passed José became part of the familiar landscape of the city. People grew accustomed to seeing him on certain places around town and soon he even received the nickname “Josete” which people used affectionately surely to distinguish him from the other “José’s” in town.



José managed to work as a parking attendant. It wasn’t a permanent job but whenever the opportunity arose he took it and was able to eat. A woman who was familiar with him, took it upon herself to do something to help José. She made him a proposition and José was game.



Salva García owns a hair salon called “La Salvajeria.” She offered José a complete makeover at no cost. Her offer included a haircut, trimming his beard and new clothes. She wanted him to get a second chance in life and he was about to receive it.


It all began with a haircut. José felt uneasy as soon as he entered the salon. He felt out of place and uncertain. Looking at the mirror he asked his benefactor to allow him an instant to contemplate his face in its present state for the last time and then to remove the mirror and close the door. He wanted to look in the mirror again only after the transformation had taken place and open the door to a new life filled with opportunities. The owner agreed and he took one last look in the mirror before the transformation started.


His hair quite long. Salva García and her team begun trimming it with a clipper. In a manner of minutes his hair was cropped and it was time to move to the next stage.



His beard was bushy and unkempt. It was necessary to trim it with scissors. Care was taken to shape it in a more flattering manner. They wouldn’t remove it entirely, after all beards are quite fashionable these days.


José’s gray hair made him look 20 years older. The stylist decided to dye it brown which was its natural color before it prematurely greyed. It was a long process but in the end it was worth it.


His beard was also dyed brown. It was then conditioned and groomed and the result exceeded expectations.


His eyebrows were plucked  selectively and the white hairs dyed to complete the youthful look.  


The transformation makes José at least 20 years younger. He looks cleaner and fresher. A new man inside and out.



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