Great Movies with Horrible Endings

Great Movies with Horrible Endings
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You’ve been looking forward to seeing <insert movie title>­­ since the first trailer was released, and now the time has come. You are at the movie theatre enjoying a great show, when all of a sudden, the ending blows you away … and not in a good way! Why do such excellent movies have such infuriating endings? In case you need a few examples of this, here is a few that left fans feeling betrayed when the credits began to role.

Man of Steel

Superman is the only superhero that is actually a superhero; or so we thought. As a hero that was good to the core, no one expected to see a dark side of the Man of Steel in this new 2013 adaption. The graphics were excellent and the backstory of Zod compelling. However, jaws dropped when Superman actually killed someone. The bottom line – Superman DOES NOT KILL! And the pic below is what most fans looked like when he did!