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Couple Takes In Starving Dog Only To Watch Him Transform Before Their Very Eyes

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Dogs are a special animal that can make a huge difference in the lives of those that choose to care for them. One couple found an abandoned husky in need of love and medical care. This pooch was tired and demoralized and it seemed as if he may not make it through the night.

The pup was afraid of people, men in particular, and he needed the love and care someone that was willing to put in the work. He was starved and clumps of hair were falling out.

The do was severely underweight at only 39 pounds. He should have weighed 50-55 pounds according to a vet by his age and height. He was desperate for the love and care of a family that would go the extra mile to nurse him back to health.

The vet said that the dog, that would later be named Wulfgar, was suffering from a form of mange called demodectic mange. This makes the dogs skin itchy, red, and painful and often makes all the hair fall out. In order for his skin to be so dry and painful he must have been suffering for months.

He was taken to their home and given a hefty dose of antibiotics to help combat the mange and a bevy of other infections coursing through his body. He was suffering but the couple took him home and started to show him the love he deserved.

He began to adjust to his new life with a family that did not hurt him and that took real care of him. He started to pick up weight and his fur began to grow back slowly. He is starting to look like a happy and healthy husky that is fully loved.

He even began to get comfortable with his new family and started napping in the kitchen and the living room on a fluffy blanket that was chosen especially for him. He even likes to nap in his parents bed with them.


The couple joke that sometimes they can only get him to look at the camera if there is a treat in their hands. His eyes started to clear up and he started to get back some of the pep that he had lost at the hands of his previous owners.

Here we see his first visit to the local dog park. In typical husky fashion he was full of life and vigor and took off running trying to make new friends. Though the couple was afraid of how he might act around other dogs, he was right at home. He loves the dog park and loves meeting new friends.

He even jumped into the pond by accident and can be seen here shaking off his fur in an attempt to get dry. His true husky nature and fun personality are beginning to emerge and grow.

He can be seen here alert and looking around at the other animals that he sees. He likes other dogs as long as they are friendly but is quiet around dogs that are a bit more aggressive.

Here we see a photo of Wulfgar trying to make friends with a dog that simply did not want to pal around. He tries to make friends no matter where he goes and wants nothing more than to be friends with all the dogs at the local dog park.

He tries to be friends with every dog he sees even if they are not so friendly toward him. He tries his hardest but does not let the disappointment of being turned down by a new friend keep him down too long.

The couple says that he even tries to make friends with their parents’ senior husky. His hair is growing back in slowly and he is starting to look like a real husky.

With his new coat growing in he looks more like a dark coppery dog than he does a typical black and white or black and grey husky. He loves to nap and relax with his new family.

He can be seen here taking a car ride with his new family. They say his personality is really starting to shine through now that he is healthy and starting to be even more comfortable in his new home.

He loves belly rubs and he is starting to look like a healthy husky that has his whole life ahead of him. He loves to play in the back yard and to play with his new family. He loves time outdoors and loves playing with people that he knows are going to take care of him forever.

Though he is friendly, he is still a bit wary of strangers and often seems alert around them. Though he is alert, he is still gentle and kind even around people he may not completely know.

He has his own unique quirks like how he likes to lie down when he eats and drinks like a cat almost. The kennel that he was once wary of is now one of his favorite napping spots.

His thick fur now looks more and more like a typical husky and he is beautiful and happy in his new home. He has a new lease on life and is happiest when he is with his people relaxing, with the knowledge that he is now protected and safe.

Wulfgar is now happy and healthy with a family that loves him and cares for him and that works to make sure that he is cared for in every way possible. He loves car rides and spending time with his humans.


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