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Camera In Abandoned Casino Shows a Scandalous Side Of Las Vegas

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We all know that Las Vegas is a land of drinking and all sorts of debauchery. Yet the motto of the town is “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so not a whole lot is known about what goes on here. Thanks to the internet we are able to give you a little taste of some of the scandalous acts caught on camera in the city that never sleeps.

This Attention Drawing Outfit

Finding the right outfit to stand out in the crowd can be hard. This woman really knows how to nail it. May not be fashionable or trendy but it is memorable.

This Homeless Guy

Everyone expects a sign from a homeless person to ask for money, but for jiggling? That’s a new one. More than this, he has to ask for the women to jiggle their breasts so it makes you wonder whether he has experienced men jiggling for him in the past.

This Random Gambler

Here we see Sasquatch enjoying a game of poker. Everyone here seems to think this is the most normal thing in the world. The real question is, how do you tell his poker face?

This Parenting Fail

While Vegas has tried in the past to re-brand itself as a more family friendly place, let’s face it- it’s not. Everyone is drunk, enjoying their guilty pleasures, and the smoke on the casino floors can be overwhelming at times. Not only does this father not seem to care, but can’t even be bothered to properly hold his baby while playing slots.

This Random Act

We’re not sure whether this was part of an adult video, a role play for a couple, or something much more dangerous. Moral of this story, stay in a group in Vegas. And keep your body inside a vehicle at all times, which should be a given.

This Desperate Plea for Money

You have to give this guy props for not asking for a handout. He is willing to work for the money you know will get spent on something shady. But who are we to judge? $20 is $20.

This Child Hero

Any Disney fan will find this image hilariously depressing. We guess Minnie can’t be that bubbly, sweet mouse all the time. Or she just got tired of Mickey’s crap and this is what it lead to.

This Random Party

Vegas has some of the craziest parties. Anything can happen. This picture proves it. We’re honestly not sure what’s going on here but it looks like a hella good time.

This Groper

This may look like sexual assualt at first but it is a wax statue. However, it’s usually not a good idea to start groping wax statues. One, people may think you have a thing for them. Second, everyone has a camera and it will end up on the internet.

This Drunk Group of Ladies

Okay ladies we need to talk. This post could have been nothing but drunk girls doing crazy things, but Vegas has way too much to offer for this. However, it needs to be said that again phones are everywhere. If you decide it’s a good idea to give your best friend (or even a random stranger) a lap dance, be prepared for the world to see it.

This Photo Op

This is a crazy photo with a lesson built in. People are willing to do crazy things for pictures or photo ops in Vegas. They can be innocent like a Pikachu by the Bellagio fountain or something more along these lines. Word of advice though- these people will let you take a picture or even ask you to. Once they do, they will want to be paid for taking a picture with you.

This Guy

No trip to Vegas would be complete without a trip to Fremont Street. This is where you can see old, weird Vegas. The drinks are cheap, plenty of gambling, lots of food, and you can zip-line down the street. As if that wasn’t enough there are all sorts of weird people to enjoy like this as well as unexpected opportunities, like paying to spank Chippendale dancers.


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