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This Guy Dug A Huge Hole In His Backyard, What He Created Will AMAZE You

Wayne Martin might be a survivalist, a wine aficionado or perhaps both. His “Do it Yourself” project though, involved a huge hole, a shipping container and lots of concrete. Read on, we promise the end result will AMAZE you   You can get pretty much everything from the internet these days… Groceries, Wine, gadgets… Wayne was able to get himself a huge shipping container and have it delivered.... »


Homeless man gets a makeover that changes his life

  Of all the innumerable factors that contribute towards a favorable first impression, how we look is undoubtedly the most important. We all “profile” people and label them according to our criteria. We do this instinctively for a number of reasons, including our survival – after all, nobody wants to befriend a serial killer. Our peace of mind plays a role as well – we also don... »

17 Vietnam War Photographs That Were Never Shown In History Class

The Vietnam War remains to this day, the most divisive conflict in which the United States was ever involved.  It’s estimated that over 100.000 US soldiers died in it, but the number of civilian casualties and North Vietnamese forces killed  combined totals well over one million deaths with some estimates going over 3 times that number.   Over 20 years of combat, roughly between 1955 an... »

The Most Perfectly Timed Photos You Have Ever Seen

It’s inevitable to capture perfectly timed photos in the world of sports which they are not always flattering but also hilarious. Check this interesting gallery of different moments in different sports where the cameramen portrayed more than they ever expected. »

This Family Were Out Fishing On Lake Ontario When They Spotted A Strange Shape In The Water

This Family Were Out Fishing On Lake Ontario When They Spotted A Strange Shape In The Water

One day, a family went fishing on Lake Ontario hoping to catch something big. However, they spotted something with a strange shape in the water. They had no idea what was that, but one thing is for sure: they’ll never forget that trip for the rest of their lives. »

Only In Australia – Pictures That Will Shock You

Only In Australia – Pictures That Will Shock You

Australia is a gorgeous continent full of culture and adventures, however, it also has some of the dreadful animals in the world. Therefore, if you’re planning to go there to rest or feel some new experiences perhaps you should get the number of some local exterminators and this is not an exaggeration! Please check this gallery to know the terrific beasts of Australian wildlife. »

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