Awkward Child Stars that Became Incredibly Hot Adults

Awkward Child Stars that Became Incredibly Hot Adults
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I remember as a 12-year-old tripping over my feet with legs that seemed too long. My elbows were constantly bruised from me knocking them against doorframes and narrow hallways. I felt awkward all the time, and I remember crying and wondering if it would last forever. I got to go through this stage of my life in relative anonymity. Can you imagine being on television every week, even if you had just gotten braces on, even if your raging hormones decided it was time for an acne breakout that made you look like you were attacked by angry bees?

Luckily these stars outgrew their awkward childhood bodies to become insanely hot adults. I didn’t fare as well as some of these guys, but I also don’t have a bank account that makes me immediately more attractive.

1 – Lindsey Lohan
Lohan was an awkward but adorable kid in The Parent Trap. She is all grown up and her figure filled out, making her a knock-out. She is shopping around a reality show called Nerd that is rumored to resemble Punk’d.