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Awkward Child Stars that Became Incredibly Hot Adults

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I remember as a 12-year-old tripping over my feet with legs that seemed too long. My elbows were constantly bruised from me knocking them against doorframes and narrow hallways. I felt awkward all the time, and I remember crying and wondering if it would last forever. I got to go through this stage of my life in relative anonymity. Can you imagine being on television every week, even if you had just gotten braces on, even if your raging hormones decided it was time for an acne breakout that made you look like you were attacked by angry bees?

Luckily these stars outgrew their awkward childhood bodies to become insanely hot adults. I didn’t fare as well as some of these guys, but I also don’t have a bank account that makes me immediately more attractive.

1 – Lindsey Lohan
Lohan was an awkward but adorable kid in The Parent Trap. She is all grown up and her figure filled out, making her a knock-out. She is shopping around a reality show called Nerd that is rumored to resemble Punk’d.

2-Jerry O’Connell
O’Connell played a chubby pre-teen named Vern Tessio in the 1986 Rob Reiner film, Stand By Me. He is now a Hollywood heartthrob who play the father in 2016’s A Mermaid’s Tale.

3-Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez starred as an adorable sidekick on Barney and Friends. Gomez later snagged the lead in the Wizards of Waverly Place and Spring Breakers. Still going strong, the lovely Latina recently her album, Revival.

4-Candace Cameron Bure
This Full House star shed her awkward self-consciousness and drop some baby fat to become a gorgeous woman. She has the leading role in a Full House redo sans the Olsen Twins.

5-Alex D. Linz
He starred in Disney’s Max Keeble’s Big Move and has now made some big moves with a full-grown hunky body. He hasn’t had a major movie in awhile, but we should expect to see him again.

6-Daniel Radcliffe
The star of Harry Potter has come a long way since his broken glasses and faulty wand stole our hearts. Radcliffe has chosen some wonky roles in recent years, including that of a flatulent corpse in Swiss Army Man. Those piercing blue eyes graduated from earnest child to hot adult.

7-Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato also got her big break with the purple dinosaur, and she has had one of the longest-running careers in Hollywood. Lovato got her second big break when Disney cast her along with the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock. her career has been going strong ever since. Her waiflike figure and mysterious smile make her a knockout.

8-Alyssa Milano
She was cute but all arms and legs on Who’s The Boss, but Milano has been her own boss for a long time. She is an actress, director and entrepreneur with a very long resume, smoking hot abs and killer smile.

9-Alexa Vega
Vega was the spunky older sister on Kids movies, where she place a super-nerd as part of a family of spies. Vega’s latest film was Sleep Away, and her promo shots show a body with nothing to hide and perfect eyebrows.

10-Daniel Curtis Lee
Lee starred as geeky Simon from Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified. He grew up and now he is as GQ as you can get outside the pages of the magazine. Lee packs a wallop of sexy and is still active on television and film, including guess roles on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

11-Lacey Chabert
The Party of Five star was an argumentative outcast with a very distinctive voice. Since then, the petite actress has grown into a raven-haired beauty with come-hither eyes. Along with continued film success, Chabert voice numerous robot and space-themed animated characters.

12-Tyler Posey
Posey played Jennifer Lopez’s son 2002’s Maid in Manhattan. Fast forward to today, and he is a super-sexy werewolf in the hit TV series Teen Wolf. Now, that is something I could howl about.

13-Tatyana Ali
Ali was Wil Smith’s smart, pert little sister on the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, but she is in the spotlight now as an actress and R&B artist with flawless skin and great curves.

14-Jonathan Lipnicki
Remember Rene Zellweger’s son with the glasses about four sizes too big from Jerry Maguire? That little guy grew up and is coming back into the spotlight with perfect abs that leave the ladies drooling.

15-Nicola Peltz
Nicola debuted in a 2006 Christmas movie called Deck the Halls, then landed a lead role in The Last Airbender. She now has a sexy, and somewhat creepy, role on Bates Motel.

16-Josh Peck
He was the funny, chubby brother in Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh, Peck slimmed down and had a style makeover, and now he is not only still working, he a fiercely handsome hunk.

17-Danielle Fishel
Topanga from Boy Meets World was every boy’s dream girlfriend, innocent, funny and supportive no matter what happened. Now, Fishel has revisited the Topanga role, but she is all woman and one that man probably still dream about.

18-Matthew Lewis
Clumsy, shy Neville Longbottom did not often get the girl in the Harry Potter series, but now Lewis is a Hollywood hunk whose new movie, Terminal, and loads of projects he has been in since Hogwart’s.

19-Zac Efron
Efron hit some high notes in Disney’s High School Musical, but soon he will hit the beach in the Baywatch movie. The soft teen heartthrob has become a hard-bodied movie star.

20-Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Who didn’t crush on Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell? Morris grew into a 6-foot-tall, soulful-eyed ladykiller. His current projects include a role on the series Pitch. Personally, he can throw whatever he want my way.

21-Emma Watson
I really didn’t want Hermione to grow up. I loved that character and envied her confidence. Watson certainly has come into her own. Most recently, she stars as Bell in a new take on Beauty and the Beast. She is a stunner in Belle’s iconic yellow gown.

These are just stars that started out cute, but awkward and who found beauty and grace as insanely hot adults. It gives me fresh hope for my still lazy elbows, although I have rather given up on the rest!


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