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15 Fairly Shocking Pictures Of Celebrities Without Makeup!

It’s not easy being a celebrity. Everybody wants to know your business. You want privacy? Forget it. Wherever you go – even if it’s just for a run or to the local grocery store – you can rest assured that there’s a photographer hiding in the bushes ready to take an intrusive snap for the gossip magazines and websites. And nobody in the celebrity world comes under the ... »

Cover Songs

Your Favorite Artists That Couldn’t Stop Covering Each Other’s Songs In 2015

The past twelve months has been a bumper year for brilliant pop music. Some years creep by without any real floor-filling tunes or catchy songs you just can’t stop singing. But 2015? It was seemingly jammed packed with awesome music. So good were lots of them, in fact, that pop stars just couldn’t stop covering each other’s songs! You know your music’s good when the biggest... »

Before and After Drugs

15 Shocking Photos of Celebs Before and After Drugs

If you ever listened to your parents, teachers, the D.A.R.E campaign or Mr. Mackey the school counselor from South Park, you’ll know that drugs are bad. Mmm’kay? So you don’t need us to tell you. But, in case you were in any doubt for whatever reason, we’re going to demonstrate the negative impact of narcotics. Via the medium of ‘before and after’ photographs of... »


15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Abercrombie Models Before They Were Famous

It’s no coincidence that almost all Hollywood stars and musicians are good looking. With the exception of Steve Buscemi and Ed Sheeran, of course (sorry, chaps). It’s intentional, of course. Big time producers cherry pick the most talented – and best looking – people for their movies and TV shows and things. You know, to build up an audience and fill the pages of gossip mag... »

Expensive Body Part

15 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

What’s your favorite body part? On yourself? Is it your nose? Do you have a cute little button nose that’s just adorable? Or maybe you’ve got a big juicy butt that drives everyone else wild? Whatever it is, chances are you haven’t got it insured. Not like the fifteen celebrities on this list. So precious are their individual body parts and so integral are they to their reve... »

Celebrities with Deformities

15 Celebrities With Physical Deformities

Let’s talk about physical deformities. Now, we’re not talking X Men-style levels of crazy mutations where people grow wings or anything, we mean ‘normal’ kind of things. To a degree. We’re talking about things like extra toes, Chandler Bing-esque nubbins and things. While you might not know anyone who has these kinds of things, weirdly, quite a few famous people are m... »

Celeb with Cellulite

15 Celebs Who Surprisingly Battle Cellulite

Despite what television, theater screens and various websites and magazines might try and make us believe, celebrities are just humans, like you and me. They sleep, they eat, they poop. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence’s poop might smell like lavender or something, but still. Anyway, the point we’re making is that they’re normal. So it’s not just non-famous women that get cellulite ... »

Celebs with Acne

15 Celebrities Who Still Struggle With Acne

As much as a lot of us might worship at the altar of the rich and famous, we all know deep down that celebrities are as fallible as the rest of us. Their poop stinks just as bad, to coin a rather poor taste (and smell) phrase. And so it goes with things like acne. It’s not just you and I that suffer with such afflictions, you know. Some of the world’s most famous and desired people bre... »

ugly babies

15 Of The Ugliest Celebrity Babies

Ah… Babies. They’re so cute, aren’t they? Adorable little bundles of joy, they’re all just so sweet. Well, mostly. Not all the time. How do we put this? Some babies are just, well, ugly. Hey, look – don’t get upset with us? It’s true. And it’s not just your friends and family’s sprogs that are less than pretty. Celebrities have aethestically up... »