Ancient Secrets the Samurai Don’t Want You to Know

Ancient Secrets the Samurai Don’t Want You to Know
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When you hear the word Samurai, you think of a warrior. That is right. The Samurai were some of the most feared Japanese warriors in the ancient times. During the ancient times, they ruled Japan for many years. In the medieval era, they acted as Japan’s military nobility. It took a lot of discipline and incredible focus to be able to master the various skills and arts for war necessary to be a Samurai warrior. That was the only way they could fight evil and perhaps each other; adhering strictly to the moral code set to govern them throughout their entire lifetime.
That is, at least, the general picture that depicts a Samurai when anyone thinks of one. Here are some amazing pictures of how the ancient Samurai warriors actually looked like in their era of rule and existence.

1.    This portrait is one of fascinating existence. The portrait is of a group of Samurai warriors who seem like they were just from training. From the look on their faces, you can tell they mean business with their swords in a ready position for combat. Smile for who?