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Adrienne Bailon Clears Up Past Rob Kardashian Rumors: “I Absolutely Never Cheated”

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Adrienne Bailon wants everyone to know that she is not a cheater and was never unfaithful to her ex-boyfriend, Rob Kardashian.

Bailon, who is the co-host of theThe Real, shared her take on her relationship with Kardashian and decided to clear up all of the existing rumors that had to do with infidelity when they were together. Rob Kardashian, who is currently expecting his first child with Blac Chyna, to whom he is currently engaged, admitted on Keeping Up With the Kardashians that in his former relationship, he was not entirely faithful. The question remains, can the same be said for Adrienne Bailon?
On The Real, the 32 year old Bailon claims, “I absolutely never cheated on Rob. And I just want to clarify that. And the way it’s said—it’s like, ‘She slept with mad people.’ I’m like, ‘Uh, I can’t speak for anybody else, but I can assure [you] that was not me.'”

Although she herself says she did not cheat and is currently planning to marry Israel Houghton, she does say that being cheated on will always affect her to some degree. She states, “I will say this, I think anyone who has been in a relationship where they’ve been cheated on or hurt, it affects you. It affected me so much that I made it a conscious decision not to do that to the next person because when you experience the kind of hurt that being cheated on will make you question yourself. “

Adrienne says that Rob’s young age at the time played a role in the event.  He was only 21 years old when they dated.

Essentially, though she has moved on, she will always remember the feeling of being cheated on.


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