7 Celebs That Also Have Successful Music Careers

7 Celebs That Also Have Successful Music Careers
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Reba McEntire

While this fiery redhead did things backwards, the fact still remains that she is both the queen of country music, as well as a hit on television. It just so happens that her music career came first. Either way, she’s a massive success!

Jamie Foxx

This is one fox you can catch in the movies and on stage! Jamie Foxx has been a well-known actor for quite some time now, hailed for his performance in the movie “Ray” in which he played the part of Ray Charles”. However, once Kayne West took him on in his hit song, “Gold Digger”, Foxx has a successful music career all his own.

Jennifer Lopez

Contrary to what you may believe, Lopez did not get recognized for her singing voice first. As a young woman she was but a mere fly girl on the old but popular show, In Living Color. And who doesn’t love her performance as Selena? Either way, it was her voice that really took her places, and continues to do so.

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon and The Bacon Brothers may not be a well-known success story, but they have been rocking for many years .Their specialty now is twangy country music. And of course we can still catch the steamy baconator on his excellent movies!



Ryan Gosling

Although many people aren’t aware that this smoking hot stud is also the lead singer in the successful band “Dead Man’s Bones”, he has been rocking out since 2008. It really shouldn’t be too surprising though. He had his childhood debut on the Mickey Mouse Club with Justin Timberlake and Britany Spears!



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