17 Vietnam War Photographs That Were Never Shown In History Class

17 Vietnam War Photographs That Were Never Shown In History Class
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The Vietnam War remains to this day, the most divisive conflict in which the United States was ever involved.  It’s estimated that over 100.000 US soldiers died in it, but the number of civilian casualties and North Vietnamese forces killed  combined totals well over one million deaths with some estimates going over 3 times that number.


Over 20 years of combat, roughly between 1955 and 1975 left astonishing images captured by brave men who endured terrible conditions and risked their lives to tell us show us what it was like in Vietnam when it all went down:




Many Vietnamese women fought in the war, mostly on the communist side. Here we can see two who were captured. They seem quite young and unable to cope with what lies ahead. One grabs her forehead in lament while the other looks down. They have been “tagged for identification purposes” and it is perhaps the tag on her right hand what the girl on the right is looking down upon. That tag will surely be transferred from her wrist to her toe but before that happens, much suffering shall be endured at the hands of interrogators who will do their best to make her betray her comrades.