15 Shocking Photos of Celebs Before and After Drugs

15 Shocking Photos of Celebs Before and After Drugs
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If you ever listened to your parents, teachers, the D.A.R.E campaign or Mr. Mackey the school counselor from South Park, you’ll know that drugs are bad. Mmm’kay? So you don’t need us to tell you. But, in case you were in any doubt for whatever reason, we’re going to demonstrate the negative impact of narcotics. Via the medium of ‘before and after’ photographs of celebrities that have had their physical appearances radically altered by banging the old Bolivian marching powder and friends. And that ‘altering’ isn’t for the good. Drugs are bad. Mmm’kay? Mm’kay. Here are fifteen excellent examples to prove what we’re blathering on about…

Before and After Drugs


The former child star of movies like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, no one’s gone off the tracks quite as impressively as flame-haired wild child Lindsay Lohan. But it’s not just casual sex and booze that the 29 year-old has dabbled with. She’s had her fair share of drugs too. And not just the usual offenders like weed, pills and cocaine, either. We’re talking the really hard stuff. In 2010 she was pictured injecting heroin. And it’s taken its toll. She doesn’t look like she’s still in her twenties, does she?