15 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

15 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts
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What’s your favorite body part? On yourself? Is it your nose? Do you have a cute little button nose that’s just adorable? Or maybe you’ve got a big juicy butt that drives everyone else wild? Whatever it is, chances are you haven’t got it insured. Not like the fifteen celebrities on this list. So precious are their individual body parts and so integral are they to their revenue streams, that they take out enormous insurance premiums on them. Seriously. Sports stars insure their legs a fair bit, did you know that? Well, now you do. And you’re about to learn a whole lot more about the top fifteen most expensive celebrity body parts. So strap in!

Expensive Body Part


Let’s start off with a pretty crazy one, shall we? Kanye West’s wife, North’s mother, reality TV star and butt owner, Kim Kardashian has her backside insured by the quite incredible price of $21 million. Sure, it’s all anyone cares about when it comes to Mrs. Kardashian West, but still. Imagine that contract. ‘If your butt goes up in flames, we’ll hand you $21m.’ What a meeting that must have been.