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15 Colorized Black & White Photos from History

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Did you know that so many events that happened in the past have been preserved through photography? In the past, photographic plates were used to take photos that are before the technology of film was developed. Photographic plates could only take black and white photos which make the events look older than are. But what if they are colorized? Here is a list of 15 colorized black and white photos that will blow your mind.

1. The moment Helen Keller meets Charlie Chaplin


It is fascinating how much time has passed since this photo was taken yet, it remains a mystery to most people. What were the circumstances that made them meet and what were they talking about? That is something will probably never know. However, according to some sources, that photo was taken in 1919 at a time when both Charlie and Helen were participating in a set called Chaplin’s film Sunnyside.

Even if we cannot tell what exactly transpired between the two, the smile and the warmth radiating through Charlie’s image shows that he was more than glad to meet Helen.

2. Abandoned boy with only the comfort of a stuffed toy animal


Can you imagine the confusion and the fear that was going through this boy’s mind? He was just a young boy when he came back from playing only to find he no longer had parents nor a place to call home. His home was in shambles, and his parents had died in the rubble. The photo was taken in the year 1945 when that unfortunate event occurred.
Years later, the boy grew up to be a truck driver.

3. The moment of true happiness for a young Australian boy


In the current world, we are living in, having shoes is not something to be excited about. But, obviously, that was not the case some years ago as indicated by the joy and pure happiness radiating from the boy’s image who had just received new shoes during WWII. Your kids should see this image every time they are ungrateful.

4. A photo of a mother who had just sold her tent to provide food for her young ones


It is a photo of Florence Owens in the year 1936. She was only 32years with seven kids relying on her for food and shelter. She had to sell her tent to get enough food to feed all her children. Imagine the frustration and stress she was going through. It is an incredible photo which gives a clear picture of the great depression which occurred in the year 1936 in Oklahoma.

5. Russian spy smiling at his moment of death


This is a photo of a Russian spy that was about to be executed. You would imagine that he would be worried and beg for mercy but no. He knew in his heart this day would come when he would die and be forgotten. He had done his part and what better way to embrace death than to smile?

6. The hanging of the young black men


That is a photo which was taken in Indiana in 1930. It was a time when three black men were accused of raping a white girl. They were punished by the community through hanging. However, one of the men was saved by the girl’s uncle who claimed he was innocent.

7. Winners of beauty pageants when beauty standards were entirely different


If you are looking at this photo for the first time, you are probably wondering what standards were being used to rate beauty. That is a picture of two ladies who won the beauty pageant in the year 1922 in Washington. Imagine them participating in a beauty contest today with the same outfits.

8. A beach official measuring bathing suits to make sure they are not too short


Imagine this man was alive today, what would he say? Looking at the photo almost no person at this age and time would go swimming with such a long bathing suit yet, in the year 1920, it had to be measured to make sure it wasn’t short.

9. A mask used to protect women’s face from the sun


The photo was taken in the 1920s. It shows a woman wearing a mask which was used to protect her from the scorching sun. It is fascinating how things have changed. If you were to see a woman wearing that mask today, you would think she is crazy. So many products have been developed since then that work perfectly to protect women from the scorching sun.

10. A dog dressed up in suit with a cat on his lap to pause for a photo


The above photo was taken in the year 1950. Who would imagine that such crazy ideas existed so long ago? It is an amazing and incredible photo which shows creativity in human minds.

11. Paul McCartney taking a selfie in front of a mirror


You would think that the idea of taking selfies was realized some years ago, but clearly, Paul McCartney had the idea a long time ago. That is a photo of him taking a selfie in the year 1959.

12. Young women attending a house party


Did you know that people in the 1950s held house parties? It is fascinating, isn’t it? The photo above was taken in the year 1950 where some few ladies had attended a house party. So house partying is not something new or trendy. It was in existence a long time ago.

13. TV glasses invented by Hugo Gernsback


Did you know that Hugo Gernsback who is commonly known as the father of science fiction, invented tel eyeglasses in 1963? You probably don’t know because he ditched the idea deeming it to be impractical. However, the same technology he used has been used till to date to display 3D images.

14. A woman takes her pet out for a walk


Most people have cats or dogs for a pet. But this woman had a lobster for a pet. In the photo, she is seen taking her lobster out for a walk. It is surprising but at the same time fascinating especially since the picture was taken in the year 1950.

15. Young Osama Bin Laden with family in Sweden


With the crazy and astonishing stories, you have heard about Osama; it is hard to picture him as a young boy with a family. However, the above photo of him and family was taken in the year 1970 with him being on the right side with a green shirt.


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