15 Colorized Black & White Photos from History

15 Colorized Black & White Photos from History
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Did you know that so many events that happened in the past have been preserved through photography? In the past, photographic plates were used to take photos that are before the technology of film was developed. Photographic plates could only take black and white photos which make the events look older than are. But what if they are colorized? Here is a list of 15 colorized black and white photos that will blow your mind.

1. The moment Helen Keller meets Charlie Chaplin


It is fascinating how much time has passed since this photo was taken yet, it remains a mystery to most people. What were the circumstances that made them meet and what were they talking about? That is something will probably never know. However, according to some sources, that photo was taken in 1919 at a time when both Charlie and Helen were participating in a set called Chaplin’s film Sunnyside.

Even if we cannot tell what exactly transpired between the two, the smile and the warmth radiating through Charlie’s image shows that he was more than glad to meet Helen.