15 Celebs Who Surprisingly Battle Cellulite

15 Celebs Who Surprisingly Battle Cellulite
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Despite what television, theater screens and various websites and magazines might try and make us believe, celebrities are just humans, like you and me. They sleep, they eat, they poop. Sure, Jennifer Lawrence’s poop might smell like lavender or something, but still. Anyway, the point we’re making is that they’re normal. So it’s not just non-famous women that get cellulite on their butts and thighs. Celebrities get it too. Those little crinkly lines that you can see on the skin of women’s hips and behinds? That’s it – that’s what we’re talking about. And here’s fifteen famous ladies that suffer with it…

Celebs with Cellulite


You might well remember Cindy Crawford for being the world’s hottest ever – and arguably first ever – supermodels. Or that she was married to Richard Gere for the first half of the nineties. What you shouldn’t remember her for is the cellulite she has now. The woman’s 49 ferchrissakes, we’ll let her off! In fact, she’s still pretty damn hot if you ask us.