15 Celebrities With Physical Deformities

15 Celebrities With Physical Deformities
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Let’s talk about physical deformities. Now, we’re not talking X Men-style levels of crazy mutations where people grow wings or anything, we mean ‘normal’ kind of things. To a degree. We’re talking about things like extra toes, Chandler Bing-esque nubbins and things. While you might not know anyone who has these kinds of things, weirdly, quite a few famous people are mildly odd-looking for various reasons. Sure, it may seem a little like old school freak show pointing and staring, but hey – they put themselves out there. Let’s gawp at fifteen of the oddest…

Celebs with Deformities


Denzil Washington is one of the coolest, most talented and sexiest actors of the past few decades. Women swoon over the New York-born actor because of his hunky looks, but he’s not perfect. His weird little deformity? A freaky finger that dislocates and goes off at a crazy angle. He broke his pinky finger as a child and it didn’t heal properly… And now he’s left like this! Poor Denzel.