15 Celebrities Who Still Struggle With Acne

15 Celebrities Who Still Struggle With Acne
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As much as a lot of us might worship at the altar of the rich and famous, we all know deep down that celebrities are as fallible as the rest of us. Their poop stinks just as bad, to coin a rather poor taste (and smell) phrase. And so it goes with things like acne. It’s not just you and I that suffer with such afflictions, you know. Some of the world’s most famous and desired people break out into zits too, you know. And we’ve got the proof for you right here. Check out these fifteen top class examples of what we’re blathering on about…

Russell Brand’s former beau Katy Perry not only had to put up with the skinny jeaned-motormouth show-off Brand in her bed for a couple of years, she’s had to put up with acne on her face too. As we’ll see, it’s not normally noticeable as industrial amounts of make-up are generally applied on celebrities. Especially ones with acne.