10 Insane Things Stars Buy

10 Insane Things Stars Buy
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When you have it, flaunt it, right? Well, when it comes to celebrities they sure do love flaunting their fat wallets! Now, I am all for spending a few hundred dollars on a fabulous purse or pair of shoes if I had that kind of money to toss around without missing it, but some stars just go severely overboard with their purchases. Let’s see a few examples of this very thing.

The $750 Hair Cut

As if you couldn’t already guess who dropped this kind of money for his hair; its Justin Bieber of course! Let’s put this in perspective, shall we? For $750 you could by that brand new flat screen TV you’ve been wanting, pay a month ahead in your mortgage, feed a family of 2 for 2 months (or 4 for 1 month), or had that surgery you so desperately needed. But a haircut is good too, Justin.

the hair



The Gaga Ghost Hunter

It’s safe to say that not many things that Lady Gaga does surprise us anymore. After all, she did spend a ton of money on meat…raw meat…that she used to make a dress out of. (EWWW) But when she spent $50,000 on ghost hunting equipment to find out why spirits have been chasing her, well, even that was a bit “gaga”.

The $325,000 Dog House…err…Mansion

Who else but Paris Hilton would shed out that much money for a dog house? With a silver spoon born in her mouth, she has more money than she knows what to do with. While I would have donated to some charities and perhaps set up my very own foundation, Paris’s top priority is those little dogs she carts around in her purse while they aren’t soaking up the plush digs she got for them.




But Gaga, Paris and Justin aren’t the only ones that pull out their credit cards for unreal reasons. They’re just the ones we expect it from the most! For your amusement, here are 7 more insane celebrity purchases!

Nick Gage dropped 276,000 bones on a dinosaur head

Kim Basinger spent 20 mill on a whole town in Gerogia

Mike Tyson likes his baths so much he paid 2 million for a tub

Ben Affleck, another tub lover, bought a lovely bath mat to the tune of $2,500

Beyonce bought a lovely pair of leggings for $100,000

Daniel Radcliffe, who really needs a good nights rest, spent $17,000 on his mattress

Victoria Beckham is the proud owner of a new iPhone 4 which she had made specifically for her out of 24 karat gold-only $35,000! Just think what you could do with all that money while you’re working a crappy job you hate and living from week to week. Enjoy!